The Talk - Paula Adbul Breaks Down 'The Masked Dancer,' Judging; Says 'clues are crazy'

Paula Abdul visits "The Talk" and dishes on her role on "The Masked Dancer." She says, "You know, I wasn't certain about saying yes to this show, because I've been on a panel many times, but it just, it seemed to fit. And it was about celebrating, I don't have the tedious work that Carrie, that you have, judging "Dancing with the Stars," I don't have to pick apart what's right, what's wrong. It's just celebrating any non-dancer or dancer, who is taking that stage and having reckless abandon." Abdul adds, "This is going to be hard. You don't have a voice that you can identify, and you can't identify a dance move and say, oh I know this celebrity originated that. So, you really have to pay attention to all the clues. And the clues are crazy because they come in the costume, the music, the stage setting. It's crazy. And working with the panel is incredible. It's just very joyous."