The Talk - Patrick Wilson Talks Big 'underwater' Action Scenes in 'Moonfall'

Patrick Wilson discusses his new action film "Moonfall," Monday on "The Talk." "It's a disaster, sci-fi movie, just like you would think. It's so much fun. It's a great escape, especially these days. Go see it in the theatre, see it on biggest screen you can and have a blast." Amanda Kloots asks, "Were you more underwater in this movie or in 'Aquaman?'" Wilson reveals, "In this. In 'Aquaman' we're flying, acting like we're in water, spoiler alert! In this, they actually, they flooded a whole hotel lobby... you kind of wonder how it's going to be, and you kind of go outside and you go, oh right, that big tank is just going to dump over. And then they kind of baby proof the corners just like you do at home. And then they just say well, good luck. And it just chucks you around the room. They're very careful, but that's basically what happens."