The Talk - Patrick J. Adams on 'The Right Stuff' Space Suit, Red Hair; Daughter's Reaction

Wednesday on "The Talk," Patrick J. Adams discusses his drama series 'The Right Stuff' and taking on the role of astronaut John Glenn. He describes what is wife, Troian Bellisario, and daughter thought of his red hair for the role. "It took some getting used to. My daughter, I think the first time she saw it... she was not having any of it." Adams describes what it was like putting on the space suit for the first time. "Overwhelming," he shares. "The details in these things were phenomenal, every single thing down to the placement, the zippers, everything." Adams adds, "It takes three or four people just to put them on and a good like 15 minutes to get them in, but once it happened we just stood there, looking at each other and was like, this is the greatest job in the world. I can't believe we get paid to do this."