The Talk - Newlywed Elaine Welteroth Says She's on 'love lockdown' During Quarantine

Thursday on "The Talk" the hosts discuss Cameron Diaz talking about getting married at an older age. Guest co-host Elaine Welteroth opens up about being a newlywed. "I feel like we're in an extended honeymoon period because of the quarantine. We're on like love lockdown together." Welteroth adds, "I've been through a lot of relationships, ups and downs, and even with the relationship I'm in now, we had a long engagement, about three and a half years and we've been together for about six and a half, and I've known him since I was 13. I really had to get to know him and get to know myself and make a lot of mistakes in order to understand what it is I really need, and I think that's just true. And listen, I don't think age defines that point when you know who you are, and I don't think there's ever a destination... I think it's a journey. But I do think there's a certain amount of growth that is healthy to go through on your own before you partner up with somebody else, that's my take."