The Talk - 'The Neighborhood' Stars on 'Black Lives Matter' Season Premiere Episode

Friday on "The Talk," Tichina Arnold and Beth Behrs discuss the season premiere of "The Neighborhood" addressing the BLM movement. "I started to cry," reveals Behrs. "We were happy," adds Arnold. "I think it's important that we address real life, and this is happening. It's happened, and I think it's part of the healing. So I'm happy that CBS has stepped up to the plate." Arnold shares what she thinks fans will take away from the episode. "I'm praying that they'll learn something. I'm praying that if they didn't have empathy before, that they will. It takes dialogue. Beth and I talk all the time, and the reason why we're able to have a great relationship on and off camera is because we have dialogue." Behrs adds, "There's nothing off limits for either of us. Like, I've never felt more comfortable having honest and real conversations with not only a co-star but also a good friend. Now you can see it on camera between our characters, but also between us and who we are in real life has really transferred over into the show."