The Talk - Natalie Morales: 'We learned so much' From Machine Gun Kelly Interview

Monday "The Talk" hosts weigh in on Machine Gun Kelly's interview with 'Sunday TODAY' host Willie Geist. "I empathize for him," says Akbar Gbajabiamila. "When you're a public figure and people feel like they own you... they have this expectation that you have to be what they want you to be, rather than who you are." Natalie Morales shares, "As somebody who's been in a position where you're having to interview somebody, sometimes like that, where you know that they maybe are not in their best frame of mind - I applaud Willie Geist because it was hard to get him, I think at one point, even to get him to stay in that seat. But you could see... he has struggled and he's very open with his struggles, with as he calls them, his demons... and yesterday happened to be World Mental Health Day. So it struck me that this was the perfect interview for that conversation because it shows you that no matter how much success and hot girlfriend that he has, he's still dealing with a lot." Morales adds, "He [Geist] did say, we hugged it out and we got through a lot. And I think we all learned so much seeing a lot of that play out... it's a great conversation for sure."