The Talk - Morena Baccarin Reveals Baby Bump on 'The Talk'

Friday on "The Talk" "Deadpool" actress Morena Baccarin reveals exclusively that she's pregnant with baby number three! First, Sharon Osbourne asks about date nights recently becoming a family affair with her children. "Look times have changed. What we now call date night is being able to take a walk outside together," say Baccarin. "Ben very cleverly found a way to get them involved by asking Frances to help him get ready for the date. I don't think he was expecting the blue nail polish and the bracelets and everything, but I think it looks good on him." Carrie Ann responds, "You are glowing by the way." Baccarin responds while standing up to reveal her baby bump, "I think that date was pretty successful." Sheryl Underwood reacts, "Congratulations!"