The Talk - Michael Chiklis on New Show 'Coyote' and 'international cast'

Host Amanda Kloots opens up about the song "What They'll Say About Us" by Finneas, inspired by her late husband, Nick Cordero and the Black Lives Matter protests. "He DM'd me... and he said, 'I wrote this song. I imagined you singing it to Nick at the hospital, kind of filling him in on what was happening in the world and also everything that was happening with you and Elvis and him at the time.' And, I was blown away by the song. I still am every time I hear it. It brings me to tears." Kloots continues, "I met him actually on Nick's birthday this year and Elvis got to meet him. And, he is so kind and so wonderful and the lyrics he writes are just amazing. And that last line, especially just because Elvis does look just like Nick. I mean, when I first heard that, I was just like, I couldn't even breathe. It's so beautiful." She adds, "And the support of Finneas... [he] has given me this gift that I will have forever, that Elvis will have forever. It's extraordinary."