The Talk - Lil Rel Howery Reveals Why 'Free Guy' was a 'Dad set'

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Lil Rel Howery visits "The Talk" for the season 12 premiere and dishes on his 'Vacation Friends' co-star John Cena. "We were shooting [Vacation Friends] in Puerto Rico and it was in between set ups and I'm hearing somebody play the piano, right in the lobby, right... it was John Cena with his huge hands playing the piano. And I'm like bro, you know how to play the piano?" Howery also discusses filming "Free Guy" as a single dad, saying "That's what I respected about the production. When I took that on, I told them I have my kids for the summer. You know, I'm divorced, single dad, so my babies come with me for the summer... Ryan [Reynolds] and Shawn Levy, they were so open to that... it was a Dad set, it legitimately was a Dad set, everyone took of their kids, make sure they were good. It was so much fun." He adds that recently his daughter admitted, "Ya Dad, you're the cool dad."