The Talk - Justine Bateman Says Directorial Film 'Violet' is an 'immersive experience' with Olivia Munn

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Tuesday on "The Talk" Justine Bateman discusses her feature directorial debut, "Violet." "Years ago, I didn't really feel myself. And, I realized I was making a lot of fear-based decisions, and there were other people that were confident making instinct-based decisions, and I was like, I wish I was born like that. But then, I realized I could get from where I was to where they were...Once I made that transition, I wanted to share that map with others, which is what this film is...It's the film I wish I'd seen at 19, so I would have become myself faster." On casting Olivia Munn, Bateman adds, "She really gave herself to the part and she did a great job...I tried to make it an immersive experience because the most important character in the film is the viewer. And so, it's her performance, and we also have handwriting on there that shows her innermost desires, and we also have her negative thoughts, voiced by Justin Theroux, that are like pressing down on her. Her whole performance is sort of this three-part piece, and it really brings the viewer into the film."