The Talk - 'Jurassic World Dominion': Bryce Dallas Howard on 'stunts'; Ditching 'dieting' and Laura Dern Scene.

Bryce Dallas Howard dishes on "Jurassic World Dominion" Thursday on "The Talk". Howard shares of her character, Claire, has changed since she stepped into the franchise in 2013. Quite a bit, because my character in the beginning of the franchise....she's pretty much a villain, and then goes through a significant journey and evolution. That's of course wonderful and great and exactly what you want to do as an actor. But for me personally, I'm a very physical person, and I love getting to do stunts, and I love having those kinds of physical goals where theres a skill set that you get to learn or something like that. And so, as more of these movies happened, they sort of tailored that more to me, which was really wonderful. And then something else which was so huge, is that between the first movie and the last movie I stopped dieting. I'll never diet again as long as I Iive. And so, I had nutrition, and you can do more stunts when you have food, and so I really felt by the final film, I felt kind of like my most empowered as a person. On her scene with Laura Dern, Howard says, "Getting to do this scene together where we're faced with a bunch of just very disgusting bugs it was so fun."