The Talk - Josh Peck Says 'Turner & Hooch' Pays Homage to Big Action Films

Wednesday on "The Talk" Josh Peck discusses his new show "Turner & Hooch", a continuation of the 1989 Tom Hanks film where he plays his son who is a U.S. Marshall. On prepping for the role, "I actually did ride-alongs with real US Marshalls," says Peck. He also spills on the show's Easter eggs that pay tribute to big action movies. "So actually in our second episode, it's sort of an homage to 'Die Hard', our third episode has a 'Heat' sort of element to it, 'In The Line of Fire' for the fourth. And then, we even do a take in [an] episode which requires me to do just a really awful impression of Liam Neeson. So, Mr. Neeson I apologize but thank you for being so prolific that we wanted to copy you."