The Talk - Joseph Fiennes on 'The Handmaid's Tale' New Season and 'very itchy' Beard

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Monday on "The Talk" actor Joseph Fiennes discusses the new season of "The Handmaid's Tale" and his character Fred in a Canadian jail. "Fred, as you can see, looks a little bit worse for wear there and I think in this season going to experience pain and the fear of the horror that he inflicted on others in the years of being in Gilead in the regime... he's exposed and has to take a hard, long look at himself and what he's done. Can he change? That's the big question. Will he change? Will he get out? Will June's testimony throw the Waterford's down for good? Let's hope so but it's TV and anything can happen." Guest co-host Jerry O'Connell asks, "I hear you have a love-hate relationship with [Fred's] beautiful, luscious beard?" Fiennes responds, "I do. It takes me about three months to get there for that prime piece of real estate on my chin and it gets very itchy. Also, it's synonymous with a rather hateful character. So, I have to say, as soon as we come to the end of the series and I hear that cut and I'm free, I'm straight to shears, off Fred comes."