The Talk - John Goodman: Katey Sagal Returned to 'The Conners' 'a little shaken up still' After Car Accident

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Monday on "The Talk" John Goodman spills details about this week's episode of "The Conners" with new wife, Louise played by Katey Sagal. Natalie Morales asks, "How is it working with her? "Oh, she's great." Goodman adds, "Friday, she came back. She got hit by a car." Morales asks, "How she doing?" "Better," he replies. "She wheeled her way into the studio. She looks great, but you can tell she's a little shaken up still." Playing your TV wife, is it TV magic?" "Yes, it is... she's wonderful. She's a pro. We're all pros on that show. We just have a ball."