The Talk - Jerry O'Connell Jokes 'Mick Jagger was staring at my wife' At Concert

Host Jerry O'Connell reveals a funny story about wife, Rebecca Romijn's recent birthday celebration in Sin City. "This weekend it was my wife's birthday and we went to a Rolling Stones concert in Las Vegas." O'Connell adds, 'I splurged for some pretty good seats and I swear Mick Jagger, when he was in the middle of [makes Jagger sounds], he was staring at my wife. I'm not joking. Look I took a photo of it. And I just want to say to Mick, look he's an amazing performer, he was amazing - if you are interested in my wife, it comes with the cats. My wife comes with the kids. My wife comes with the dog. You have all of it. It's your responsibility now. I'm just saying...careful what you wish for, Mick. I gotta tell you, I'll even let my kids call Mick, dad, if he's really interested in all this." "He was awesome...You can't believe he is 78 years old."