The Talk - Jerry O'Connell 'cool' with John Stamos, But Not 'Lenny Kravitz and Jason Mamoa cool'

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The hosts discuss Jason Momoa responding to Lenny Kravitz calling him 'brother' in heartfelt birthday tribute. Jerry O'Connell reacts and shares where he stands with wife, Rebecca Romijn's ex-husband. "This is where being a part of 'The Talk' has to make me go to couples therapy a few extra sessions. My wife was previously married to a very famous actor whose initials are Jonathan Stamos... very recently my wife's ex-husband has moved into our neighborhood... so the countdown to the reunion has started. I don't believe, and I should let my wife speak on this, but I don't believe they have seen each other since things didn't work out. Now, my wife's ex-husband was a part of a very famous television show that kids loved, 'Full House,' so no one is as excited about their reunion as my children. O'Connell jokes, "I think they're actually secretly hoping, my kid are like, 'Mom, when you see him do you think they'll be sparks?' O'Connell admits, "I think everything's cool, like we're cool. I don't think we're Lenny Kravitz and Jason Mamoa cool."