The Talk - Idina Menzel Spills on 'Cinderella' Scene She 'didn't like' Shooting

Tuesday on "The Talk" Idina Menzel reveals the scene in "Cinderella" she didn't enjoy shooting where her character had to spill ink on her co-star Camila Cabelo's dress. "Camila and I didn't like doing that scene either. I really love her. I feel like this maternal connection with her and I didn't like doing that, but she wanted me to be meaner...she's amazing in the movie. Maybe what I love about her the most, she approached it really open. She was vulnerable. She told everyone look, I'm nervous, this is my first movie, but she's such a professional." Menzel also discusses her first original song "Dream Girl." "That song to me, I love so much because it's one thing in the movie that's very specific... and it's speaking to people in this way that, you know kind of gives voice to the rage we feel as women, as anyone, our rage and our frustration with the people that kind of hold us down in this world and don't help us realize our dream."