The Talk - Exclusive Photos: Natalie Morales' 'Brazilian Carnival' 50th Birthday Party

The hosts share exclusive details and photos from Natalie Morales' big 50th birthday party at her home last night. Jerry O'Connell shares, "It was a Brazilian Carnival. It had it all with music, cocktails, samba dancers, incredible costumes. We had a blast." "Let me tell you, it was hot, and the guys did not know where to look as they're dancing," Morales jokes. "My dad and I got to dance a really sweet -- he loves the merengue along with the samba." Amanda Kloots, who brought son, Elvis says, "He was memorized by the drummers and the dancers," and reveals what he said after the party, "I want the dancers at my birthday party." O'Connell jokes, "I'm with Elvis. I want the dancers for my birthday party."