The Talk - EXCLUSIVE: Milo Ventimiglia Shares 'precious moments' He Photographed on 'This Is Us' Set; Thanks Fans, 'It's your story too'.

Milo Ventimiglia showcases some of his never before seen personal photos from the filming of "This Is Us" Friday on "The Talk". "I don't show these photos, I don't. I don't put them up on my Instagram. I'm working on a book that everyone can kind of see what I've just been seeing behind the scenes because they are such precious moments. But I mean, you have Mandy Moore pregnant from the pilot, right below. You've got Lonnie Chavis and Sterling K. Brown together which is wonderful, playing each Jack's funeral. Mandy actually looked me square in the eye and I'm like, oh I need to leave set. I'm not supposed to be here". He continues, "One of my favorites, Mandy and I, that was the end of the fire scene, house on fire, and I had apparently a light leak in my camera. And it was just odd that we shot this big house inferno and my camera had this red light leak and we just really like went through such a heavy moment as a married couple on camera, that was at the very end, and we we're just looking at each other in the mirror of my trailer".