The Talk - Eve's Husband, Maximillion Cooper Shares Birthday Wishes to Wife, 'I love you so much'

Eve's husband, Maximillion Cooper appears on "The Talk" Monday to share heartfelt birthday wishes for his wife. "Oh baby, I just want to say I love you so much. I hope you have an amazing birthday. You might even get a champagne breakfast in bed and some presents." Cooper continues, "Despite the lockdown in London, we're going to have the best birthday." Sheryl Underwood asks, "Eve, what does it mean to have Max here on the show today?" "It's very sweet. It's funny because I'm only going to see you, [Max,] in about 25 minutes and I'm tearing up like you're somewhere else. It's amazing because this lockdown for us, like for everyone, we've gotten to know each other I think in a whole new way, in a different way. I think we've fallen in love even more than we were." Eve reacts to a surprise video message from her stepkids, "I was trying not to cry... I was not expecting that. I miss the kids so much."