The Talk - Eve Applauds Chris Rock For Take on Civil Rights Movies

The hosts discuss Chris Rock saying he hates all civil rights movies because they make racism look very fixable and that his mom "used to get her teeth pulled at the vet because she couldn't go to the dentist," which Rock explains no movie shows. Eve reacts, 'Him telling that story, that's a huge thing. For his mother to have gone through something like that, maybe this is a project that he'll do. Maybe he'll direct or produce a movie that will show some of these incredible things. Because, I know we're only hearing half. If you haven't lived through it or know someone who actually lived through it, been through it - there's not a lot we know. Those horrific stories, we don't know. So, I'm hoping a project is coming from him soon." Sheryl Underwood adds, "We have to continue to speak up and continue to tell these stories, because they are part of our country's history and people need to know it."