The Talk - Elizabeth Perkins on Former Co-Stars Tom Hanks, Liz Taylor & Jim Belushi

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"Thursday on "The Talk" Elizabeth Perkins spills behind the scenes secrets from the sets of some of her most iconic movies. On her first film "About Last Night," she dishes on the intimate scene that got scrapped. "The last scene we shot of the day [first day of shooting] was me having sex in the back seat of the car with Jim Belushi." "By the way, this jacket I'm wearing here today, this is from the movie 'Big'...It still fits!" Perkins adds about 'Big' co-star Tom Hanks' iconic food-eating scene. "Only Tom Hanks can eat baby corn like that...and then the caviar -- he took a napkin and wiped the caviar out of his mouth, which actually only a child would do." She shares what it was like working with her idol Elizabeth Taylor on the set of her film "The Flintstones." "She asked me to have lunch with her in the commissary. So, I had lunch with her every single day, just the two of us...I didn't even say anything. I just sat there." She continues, "Then, she brought Michael Jackson to the set!"