The Talk - Dermot Mulroney: 'The Blazing World' Is A 'visually stunning Halloween Film'

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Friday on "The Talk" Dermot Mulroney discusses his new film "The Blazing World." "I play a father of a girl who lost her sister. There's a family trauma, that in a moment in her life she flashes into another dimension and processes it. This film is really phenomenal. The visual will blow you away. The writer, director, and lead actress in it, Carlson Young, is a phenomenal talent and that you'll see in this film." On a confrontational scene between the two of them, Mulroney reveals, "So as not to make any kind of humor out of a violent scene, I'll just say I've never actually strangled a director was really a complex character but that particular moment was as hard as they come, and really disturbing. The film's intended to be that...this would be your most intelligent and visually stunning Halloween film you could very much delivers on its genre promise, but there's so more to it."