The Talk - David Begnaud Discusses Tourette's Disorder and How TV 'saved me'

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The hosts discuss Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey emotionally talking about mental health. Oprah says, "With that stigma of being labeled 'the other,' the telling of the story, being able to say, 'This is what happened to me,' is crucial." Guest co-host David Begnaud from "CBS This Morning" reacts, "My entire life I've felt like the other. I've been called 'the other'. Growing up in South Louisiana, I was the kid - gay, still am, had Tourette's, still do. Childhood for me was the most traumatic." He adds, "When I was 18 when my mentor looked at me and said, what are you running from? And I unpacked 18 years of trauma that quite frankly is a little bit embarrassing talking about on national television...Tourette's is a neurological disorder...which manifests itself in motor skills ticks...I can't control it and I stopped trying to control it." On becoming a CBS national correspondent, he adds, "I always say television saved me from myself because it changed the conversation."