The Talk- David Arquette's Advice for College Bound Daughter Coco 'believe in yourself'

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Thursday on "The Talk" David Arquette shares his emotions as daughter Coco prepares to go to college to study acting. "There's a lot of rejection, so, she thankfully got accepted. But she wants to be an actress and I was like, ah, there's a lot of rejection in acting, pretty much 99% rejection and then that one job comes through". On getting Coco prepared knowing she wants to follow in his footsteps, Arquette adds, "It's just, in general just in my own personal life (with) anxiety and depression and stuff, but it's all about self confidence. It's all about not beating yourself up, recognizing that voice that really does that, and just say, I don't need that right now, you're not telling me the truth. And just believing in yourself, it's really important".