The Talk - 'The Crown': Emma Corrin on Playing Princess Diana; Imagined Her as 'a cat'

Emma Corrin discusses playing Princess Diana in the new season of "The Crown." "There was a huge responsibility. At first it was so overwhelming...all of the information seemed misleading." Corrin says to capture Diana's voice, she watched the documentary "Diana In Her Own Words." "You have her own voice telling her story, really. And I honestly must have watched that about 100 times. But I had an amazing dialect coach, called William Conacher and movement coach, called Polly Bennett. And with Polly, we watched a lot of cat behavior videos, because we decided that her animal was probably a cat. There's a way a cat kind of sits, and have this very considered kind of engaging energy. They draw you in, but they're quite mysterious. And Polly said, well imagine when you are outside walking around that you've got a million lasers kind of pointing at you...and all those lasers stand for pressure from the public, from the Royal family, and with that kind of weight on you, you kind of want to avoid it."