The Talk - 'Coyote Ugly': Piper Perabo Says Tyra Banks 'is pushing' to do Reboot

Wednesday on "The Talk" Piper Perabo reminisces about shooting "Coyote Ugly" and Jerry O'Connell showing up one day on set. "When I was shooting 'Coyote Ugly', Jerry, I think you were shooting at a sound stage nearby... and you happened to come through while we were shooting our dance scenes." O'Connell jokes, "I wanted to audition to be part of the film, but security immediately whisked me out of there... Of course, I remember coming to set. It's such a great film. It's just iconic. The musical numbers, you know." Perabo also shares an update on the film reboot. "Well okay, I can't say everything about what's really going on. Tyra wants to do it. So when Tyra gets something in her head, you can't really shake it loose. So she is pushing and she is pushing with all her might."