The Talk - Cedric the Entertainer on Emmy Awards 'surprises' and 'big musical number'

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Emmy host Cedric the Entertainer spills details about this Sunday's Awards. "This is gonna be a celebration. This is the first time we get to be together. I was trying to come up with some crazy stuff... I put myself in front of some of the key moments in television. I have a big musical number that I come out with... have some surprises in that, you see some people doing some rap bars... I can sing a little bit." Sheryl Underwood asks, "As the dude in charge, is there any message you'd like to give to this year's nominees?" He jokes, "It's a 3 hour show already so tighten it up, the speeches. You know, let's not get out there and start overtalking alright, because you've been on zoom and used to talking. We can cut you off live. That music will come on." Fellow comic and past Daytime Emmy host Sheryl Underwood gives Cedric a very special gift to welcome him to the Emmy hosting club. He opens the gift, a red velvet jacket with 'Cedric' written in the front and 'Emmy Host' on the back. The 73rd Emmy Awards airs Sunday, September 19 on CBS.