The Talk - Carly Pearce on New Album '29' and Refining Life Post Divorce

Carly Pearce opens up about her new music and life after divorcing Michael Ray after eight months of marriage. "I don't think that you can ever prepare yourself for some of the things that life throws at you, and I think for me, music has always been my go-to place when I feel lost. And it really did save me during this time, and I think that I embraced grief in all ways, and really pushed myself to be even more vulnerable, in this project, than I could be. And just showing people, and showing fans, that it's okay to not be to okay." On her new album '29' Pearce adds, "When I lost Busbee my producer, I knew that I had to make sure that this next project was 100% me." She adds, "I think you have to trust your journey and life is full of things that we don't expect sometimes. And it's just how do you deal with it? And for me, it was a moment of how I got through things of saying, am I going to let this define me or refine me?"