The Talk - 'Blue Bloods': Donnie Wahlberg's 'feeling' on Romance with Baez

Donnie Wahlberg discusses the new season of "Blue Bloods" and if he and his partner [Baez], played by Marisa Ramirez will start a romantic relationship. "She's here shooting with me, so she could weigh in on this herself [Ramirez joins interview]... See we have a feeling on this... Will Estes plays my younger brother on the show, and Vanessa Ray plays his now wife, and they started off as partners, and the minute they got together and got married, they don't have scenes anymore." Ramirez adds, "I don't want to be here if I don't have scenes with him." Wahlberg adds, "We do laugh a lot, and there are times when we push it a little too far with our laughter outbreaks, but it makes the day so much fun." On the Reagan family this season, he adds, "I think the family's getting tighter. I think it's really mirroring our relationships off screen... Last year when we shot during Covid we were really isolated on set and we really bonded, I think, in a much deeper way. And I think that's really resonating in the show." "Blue Bloods" season 12 premiere Friday, October 1 at 10PM ET/PT on CBS.