The Talk - Barbara Corcoran on 'realization' Working as Housemother to 'foster kids'

Thursday on "The Talk" Barbara Corcoran of "Shark Tank" reveals she worked as a housemother to children in foster care. "It was one of my many, many 22 jobs before I started my own firm. And you have to appreciate [that] I was one of 10 kids raised in a two bedroom very small home, and my parents did everything they could just to keep us fed and clothed. And I thought we were poor. I remember growing up thinking, we are poor. But when I got that job working for those foster kids who had a such a low ceiling of what they thought they could make of their lives, and a very small picture as to how far they might go -- I had a big picture. And I knew I had been rich, because I had the one thing that carried more than anything to build confidence, someone who loves you when you are young. And I had two parents who loved us all to death, and so that was the most thankful job. It's too bad it took that for me to have that realization, but at least I had it."