The Talk - Andy Garcia: It's a 'great honor' and 'responsibility' to be in 'Father of the Bride'; Wild Fan Encounter

Friday on "The Talk" Andy Garcia shares his thoughts about being part of "Father of the Bride." "It's an honor. It was a privilege to be thought of in that iconic intellectual property that's been around since Spencer Tracy. For me to be in the same group, to try to represent that IP [intellectual property] with Tracy and Steve Martin and my particular part as a father was a great honor and a great responsibility that I had." Co-star Gloria Estefan shares a wild fan story and photo of Garcia while the cast was at dinner one night during filming. "The desserts were on the table and this woman comes in that we didn't know and she just goes up to Andy, picks up a dessert and says, 'My fantasy has been to feed you all my life...and he's [Andy] screaming [jokingly] 'I'm allergic to bananas.