The Talk - American Ninja Warrior': Matt Iseman's Season 14 'spoiler alert' News

Friday on "The Talk" host Matt Iseman spills spoiler alerts on the upcoming season 14 of "American Ninja Warrior". "The coolest thing I think has been seeing the growth of the show, to go from a show to now where virtually anywhere in the U.S. there's a gym within a few hours. And that people are out there, and we have American Ninja Warrior Junior where kids come out. And you see these kids grew up not playing football, basketball, or baseball, they grew up playing ninja. And it's been amazing to see how many people have used this to transform their life." Iseman adds, "It's amazing getting to share those stories. That was former contestant Casey Rothschild we just saw right there who at one point was the youngest woman to hit a buzzer. Spoiler alert, someone gets that title this year. But she came out as queer and bisexual, and it was such an opportunity during Pride Month for people to be out there and say hey, this is part of who I am, but Im also an athlete out here and share these stores."