The Talk - Amanda Kloots on Getting Covid-19 Vaccine Shamed; Not 'focusing on negativity'

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Amanda Kloots opens up about being shamed on social media after posting she received the Covid-19 vaccine over the weekend. "I'm not even going to focus on that shame, because I don't spend time in my life focusing on negativity. But this post got a lot of shame, the shame got press, that press turned into conversation, that conversation turned into awareness, and then that awareness turned into positivity. That is how I roll. And that is how I live my life!" Kloots adds, "It just boggled my mind that anyone would rather see a vaccine go to waste than go into a willing arm." Kloots shares her experience at the vaccination center and what she told the National Guardsman who administered her shot. "I just want you to know, my husband passed away from Covid complications after 95 days in hospital. You have no idea what it means to be here tonight. I brought my son. I said, 'I'm so happy you're here. Thank you so much for your service.' I said, 'Because of you I'm getting this vaccine tonight and I'm one step closer to being safe. I appreciate you so much'... It was such a beautiful, beautiful moment."