The Talk - Alyssa Milano: 'Who's The Boss' Reboot to be 'more inclusive' with New Characters

Tuesday on "The Talk" Alyssa Milano shares an update on the "Who's The Boss" reboot. "We're still in development. We're developing a sequel. So, I think what's going to happen - It's hard because it was such a progressive show back then. So we want to make it as equally as progressive, just relative to where we are now in society. So, Sam gets a job. Her husband leaves her and she needs someone to help with the kids when she goes and does this new job and guess who shows up? [Tony Micelli] So, one of my kids will be neuro diverse and that's how, hopefully we will be a more inclusive show. And also, Mona, who was the sexy grandma. She lived in our guest house. And so, I think we're going to include a LGBTQ+ character who lives in the guest house." Natalie Morales asks, "When are we going to see this?" "Hopefully next year," responds Milano.