The Talk - Alyssa Milano: 'Who's The Boss' Reboot to be 'more inclusive' with New Characters

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Tuesday on "The Talk" Alyssa Milano shares an update on the "Who's The Boss" reboot. "We're still in development. We're developing a sequel. So, I think what's going to happen - It's hard because it was such a progressive show back then. So we want to make it as equally as progressive, just relative to where we are now in society. So, Sam gets a job. Her husband leaves her and she needs someone to help with the kids when she goes and does this new job and guess who shows up? [Tony Micelli] So, one of my kids will be neuro diverse and that's how, hopefully we will be a more inclusive show. And also, Mona, who was the sexy grandma. She lived in our guest house. And so, I think we're going to include a LGBTQ+ character who lives in the guest house." Natalie Morales asks, "When are we going to see this?" "Hopefully next year," responds Milano.