The Talk - Alyssa Milano on New Book; Being In 'therapy' Over Her 'Identity'

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Alyssa Milano discusses her new book, "Sorry Not Sorry" and what brought her to therapy, Tuesday on "The Talk." Jerry O'Connell asks, "You started out as a child actor, at times, that can be a tough thing to get over...How do you get over it?" Milano shares, "I think for me, you know, I'm actually in therapy mainly because, I think my entire life, my perception of how people perceived me was that they didn't see the grown-up Alyssa. And I think part of me didn't see the grown-up Alyssa, because there was so much identity around that as a child. So, in the last couple years, I've really made an effort of 'who am I as a grown up, 'and I think that that's you know, part of the [book] title. This is who I am and I'm not going to apologize for it, [I'm] unapologetic about who I've grown into."