Takeoff Shooting Allegedly Caused By Argument Over Loaded Dice

According to comedian Shawty Shawty, Takeoff’s death was the result of an argument over loaded dice. During an appearance on the Ugly Money Podcast, Shawty spoke about the tragic shooting that claimed the Migos rapper’s life and gave insight into how one of Quavo and Take’s cousins told him what really transpired.

“I have to say ‘alleged’ because I was told this over the phone from a reliable source,” he began. “They say Quavo dominates in a whole lot of different things — basketball, all of this. So they say that they had been shooting basketball earlier and then they got to the bowling alley, and they said it was a dice game.”

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“They say that Quavo noticed that the dice were not right, and that’s where the argument started. Everybody know Quavo got a mouth on him, everybody know Quavo would talk junk. I don’t think that was the atmosphere to talk sh*t in. I think they were on somebody’s tab, and you gotta respect [that].”

Click 2 Houston reported in Dec. 2022 that the shooting happened at 810 Billiards & Bowling, around 2:40 a.m. Law enforcement stated that more than 30 people gathered for a private party as a “lucrative dice game” took shape.

Takeoff, née Kirsnick Khari Ball, was said to be an innocent bystander while his uncle began arguing with Michael Prince, Cameron Joshua, and Christopher Watkins over the dice game.

According to the outlet, Joshua won the cash, and as Quavo turned to walk away he allegedly noticed that Joshua said something to the rapper. As Joshua reached for his gun, the Atlanta rapper reportedly punched the man.

Willie Bland, a Migos associate, admitted he shoved Watkins after he thought Joshua and Watkins were about to rob Quavo. After the shove, bland bullets began to fly in their direction, so he pulled out his gun and started firing back.

Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, who has been charged with murder, was captured on surveillance fleeing the scene after the shooting.

In the aftermath of Ball’s murder, authorities have arrested prime suspects in the case, with The New York Times reporting that Clark was detained on Dec. 1.

During a press conference held on Dec. 2, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner revealed that Cameron Joshua, 22, was allegedly at the crime scene and was arrested in November for unlawful possession of a weapon.

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