Taika Waititi Explains How REDACTED Came to Be in the ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Mid-Credits Scene

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Major spoiler warning! Turn back if you haven’t seen the movie yet!

The “Thor: Love and Thunder” mid-credits scene continues the Marvel tradition of introducing a character who will have major implications for upcoming chapters of the MCU.

In the mid-credits scene, after Gorr has been vanquished and Thor has had a happy ending, we return to Omnipotence City.

Apparently, the weird sword Gorr controls is one of the only ways to kill a god and Thor’s whole lightning-bolt-through-the-chest routine didn’t do much damage. Instead of being mortally wounded, Zeus is just very annoyed. And he tasks his son, Hercules, to track down Thor and kill him.

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We see Hercules for a split second.

And who is playing him?

Roy Kent himself, Brett Goldstein. The “Ted Lasso” star is looking chiseled as hell, abs glistening, with a very lovely beard. He says two words and is on screen for probably 20 seconds. But it’s him alright.

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How Hercules Came to be in “Thor: Love and Thunder”

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Waititi says the idea to cast Goldstein as Hercules was Kevin Feige’s idea.

“Kevin really wanted him to do it, and yeah, Brett’s amazing. He’s great,” Waititi said.

Waititi added: “And I don’t know if that’s to do with Thor, or if it’s to do with how that will develop. Because, obviously, Hercules, there’s a character from the books as well. And so, yeah, this will be interesting to see because Kevin, he’s obviously the mastermind of all of these threads and how they’ll tie up and how they meet, mix and match. So I’m curious to find out myself.”

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