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  • Role Recall: David Harbour on famed director who told him to act 'more handsome,' his 'Stranger Things' breakout and hard 'Hellboy' lessons

    "Violent Night" star David Harbour shares memories from the making of "Stranger Things," "Brokeback Mountain," "Revolutionary Road," "Hellboy," "Black Widow" and more.

  • Jeff Daniels Reprises ‘Newsroom’ Character to Talk Trump vs. Clinton

    No one hit politics harder than Will McAvoy, the character from the HBO show The Newsroom. Famously portrayed by Jeff Daniels, the actor  a guest on the program With All Due Respect, and reprised an inspirational moment from the show. On The Newsroom, McAvoy is prompted to give a candid response while on a panel for the first time in his career. And Daniels does the same in regards to a question about Donald Trump being the best-case-scenario candidate for Hillary Clinton. “Because he’s not the best case scenario John, that’s my answer,” says Daniels, with all the fire of a real news anchor.

  • Jeff Daniels Resurrects ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and ‘Newsroom’ Characters

    On The Late Late Show, Jeff Daniels resurrected two of his more famous roles when Harry from Dumb and Dumber annoyed Will McAvoy from The Newsroom during an interview. McAvoy was trying to have a discussion with host James Corden, but Harry kept interrupting with things like a wayward boom microphone, a selfie stick, and the ol’ permanent marker on the rim of a coffee mug prank. To learn more about Yahoo SuperFan, be sure to follow us on Twitter: @YahooSuperFan, Facebook, and Instagram for your daily dose of all things TV and Movies!

  • Vote for the Best Show to Hate-Watch!

    Twitter feeds don’t write themselves, people. With a core cast this large — and they don’t even all fit in this photo — it’s inevitable that at least one storyline will move a little too slowly for your liking, that you’ll find it difficult to warm to a character you were set up to hate (as well as to Scarlett’s hair extensions), and that you’ll agree with fellow fan and Yahoo TV Critic-at-Large Ken Tucker’s 7 Lessons ‘Nashville’ Could Learn From ‘Empire.’ But just like Ken, you’ll never not watch Nashville. As compulsively watchable as early seasons of The West Wing and as spectacularly off-key as the infamous Gilbert & Sullivan spoof on Studio 60, Aaron Sorkin’s three-season HBO series was wrong-headed in almost every respect, which was precisely why it proved so addictive.

  • 'The Newsroom' Premiere: 6 Moments That Made Us Cringe

    Full disclosure: I am a woman and I like HBO’s The Newsroom. It kind of breaks my heart, especially given the strength of some of the ladies on Sorkin’s previous projects, namely C.J. Cregg from The West Wing and Dana Whitaker from Sports Night. For the past two seasons, I’ve prayed to the TV gods that Sorkin would figure this out.

  • Know Your Jeff Daniels: Who Said It, Will McAvoy or Harry Dunne?

    Can you tell the difference between the actor's lines in "The Newsroom" and those from "Dumb and Dumber"? It's harder than you'd think.