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  • Elliot Page was surprised by the reaction to his transition: 'Transphobia is just so, so, so extreme'

    "I came out as gay in 2014, and it’s different," "The Umbrella Academy" actor says in a new interview. "Transphobia is just so, so, so extreme. The hatred and the cruelty is so much more incessant."

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  • Queer activists say Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special creates ‘real-world harm’ to trans people

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  • Ted Sarandos: Coronavirus Has Been ‘Massive Disruption’ for Netflix

    Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos says that all of the streaming service’s “productions around the world are shut down” because of the coronavirus pandemic, which he calls “a massive disruption.”“It’s unprecedented in history,” Sarandos told CNN’s Brian Stelter on Sunday.Even as usage of their service has increased from millions of people worldwide staying home on lockdown, Netflix is still navigating the coronavirus crisis.He noted that because Netflix plans “pretty far ahead” on developing new shows, the service’s release schedule is set for the next several months. He said that the challenge will come later in the year, as shows and films that were in production for release in late 2020 have been put on pause due to the ongoing pandemic.Also Read: Netflix Creates $100 Million Fund to Help Creative Community Affected by CoronavirusIn the meantime, Netflix is trying to continue any development that can still be done remotely, while supporting production workers who now find themselves in financial uncertainty. Sarandos said, for example, that writers for the adult animated show “Big Mouth” are holding remote table reads and “getting geared up for a time they can get back to work.” Netflix will pay two weeks’ wages to their production workers and also established a $100 million fund to support those in the entertainment industry hardest hit by the shutdown.According to Wired, usage of Netflix has increased by as much as 75% in some areas of the U.S. since last month, as over 75 million Americans have received orders from state officials to stay in their homes to prevent spread of the disease. In Europe, streaming has increased so much that the European Union has requested that media companies lower their bandwidth, something that Netflix has agreed to do by lowering bandwidth by 25%.“You can imagine, all viewing is up. It’s up on Netflix, on CNN on television in general,” Sarandos said. “The system has been very robust and can help out a lot of people. People certainly are watching a lot more Netflix. As Governor (Andrew) Cuomo said so beautifully, the best thing you can do is stay at home — we are trying hard to help.”Read original story Ted Sarandos: Coronavirus Has Been ‘Massive Disruption’ for Netflix At TheWrap

  • Independent Spirit Awards 2020: Aubrey Plaza’s Best Jokes

    Aubrey Plaza hosted the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday and, of course, her opening was full of jokes that poked fun at not only attendees but bigger issues plaguing the world.Plaza started her hosting gig with a skit that showed her in the dressing room, having a meltdown before the start of the awards show. Judy Garland (also played by Plaza) suddenly appeared, giving her advice in typical Garland fashion.“Scorsese is doing films for Netflix, Sandler is doing dramas!” Plaza’s Garland said, poking fun at the state of independent film.Also Read: Independent Spirit Awards 2020: Willem Dafoe Wins Best Supporting MaleThen, after a brief make-out session with Garland, Plaza went on stage to sing a rendition of Garland’s “Get Happy,” before she called out individual attendees like Jennifer Lopez, Adam Sandler, Idina Menzel and Renée Zellweger.Later, Plaza and Michael Shannon parodied “The Lighthouse,” which starred Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. In the skit, the duo played lighthouse keepers who just don’t get along, and when Plaza sees Shannon writing something in his log and asks him what he’s writing, Shannon tells her, “Nautical things.” She grabs the log and sees that he clearly didn’t like her opening monologue — and he especially didn’t like that she called out Shia LaBeouf and his career in her opening. Seagull and farting jokes were aplenty.See Plaza’s best jokes below.1\. Garland told Plaza before she went on stage: “Do something they’ll enjoy, not your spooky ‘Sabrina the Teenage B—-‘ thing!”2\. “What do we have to be happy about? Look at all the disasters we have to deal with: pollution, trash in the ocean, ‘Cats’ in theaters! Meow!”3\. “Some of you came from other neighborhoods in Los Angeles for this!”4\. “Willem Dafoe, I love you and I’m so glad that after years of looking like a 19th-century lighthouse keeper, you finally got to play one!”Also Read: Aubrey Plaza to Return as Host of 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards5\. “The guy who runs Netflix is here, Ted Sarandos! Sorry, Ted, but I am going to scroll right past you and find more interesting people to talk about. No offense, but you started it!”6\. “Jennifer Lopez is here. You just performed at the Super Bowl last weekend. What did you do, Mary Kay Place? You lazy sack of s—! Just kidding, you’re a national treasure. Nicolas Cage, you are a national treasure, too! Sorry, I said that wrong — you were in ‘National Treasure 2.'”7.  “I’m hosting the second most important show of the weekend. The Independent Spirit Awards are so much cooler than the Oscars: it’s the daytime when we’re at the beach, we recognize female directors — all two of them! I am so proud of how diverse this show is. JLo and I are super hot Puerto Ricans! I mention that because Puerto Rico is kind of like an independent film: beautiful, not enough people have seen it and its financing is always falling through.”8\. “Today isn’t about Scarlett Johansson being with men who don’t deserve her. It’s about independent film!”9\. “I won’t sing again. I might pole dance only to show JLo how it’s done.”10\. “Next, we celebrate the success of ‘Honeyland,’ by releasing 100,000 bees into the tent! NO!!!!”11\. “Our next presenter is Hollywood royalty and a legend in independent film — I wanna scream like an unhinged maniac but that’s more his thing — Nicolas Cage, everyone!”12\. “And here to present the Best Feature… ugh. It’s always weird to see your ex in public. The producer and star of ‘The Irishman,’ Robert De Niro!”Read original story Independent Spirit Awards 2020: Aubrey Plaza’s Best Jokes At TheWrap