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  • 'The Surreal Life' star Frankie Muniz looks back at teen idol years and wonders, 'Was that real?'

    Frankie Muniz, now 36, says he was "a little afraid" of joining the cast of "The Surreal Life."

  • Colbert shocked by Trump ads during 'The Late Show': 'I can't believe I'm getting checks from Donald Trump, and they cleared'

    Trump has reportedly advertised nearly 1,200 times during “The Late Show,” causing Colbert to wonder, “Has he seen how I talk about him on this show?”

  • '40-Year-Old Virgin' at 15: Judd Apatow on Steve Carell's famous chest-waxing moment, casting Stormy Daniels to do nude scenes

    “We decided to make it funny but also make it emotionally very credible,” the director says. “This is what someone might feel like if they were in that position.”

  • Buttigieg slams Trump: My marriage never involved 'hush money to a porn star'

    Pete Buttigieg made it clear he thinks it's absurd for President Trump or Rush Limbaugh to lecture anyone on family values.

  • Megyn Kelly’s Mom Wanted to Be in ‘Bombshell’ – and You’ll Never Guess Who She Wanted to Play Her (Video)

    Megyn Kelly’s mother was rather excited when she learned that a movie (“Bombshell”) was being made that revolved around her famous daughter’s time at Fox News. So excited, in fact, that Mom had a recommendation about who could play her in the film.“There was an incident early on where my mom, who lives in upstate New York where I’m from, called me up and she said, ‘Why don’t you tell me they were making a movie about you?'” Kelly recalled on Friday’s “Real Time With Bill Maher.”“I’m like, ‘Ma I don’t know anything about it.’ She goes, ‘I want Stormy Daniels to play me,'” Kelly said laughing. “So I have no clout. She didn’t get a role. She was disappointed.”Also Read: Megyn Kelly Calls 'Bombshell' an 'Incredibly Emotional Experience'Later on, Mom went to the theater to see “Bombshell,” in which Charlize Theron earned an Oscar nomination in her role as, yes, Megyn Kelly.“And then she tells me, she goes, ‘When I stood up in the theater and told everyone I was your mother, they said very nice things about you,'” Kelly said, grinning. “I’m like, ‘Oh for the love of God.'”Kelly opened up to Maher about her exit from Fox News and how the state of the media weighed heavy on her.“I miss sort of being a voice of reason in the storm because there’s so much hysteria in the media for and against,” she said. “And when I left “The Kelly File,” I remember feeling like I might have a societal obligation to stay because I did owe it to my audience to separate the wheat from the chaff and I thought I did a good job of it. But I have three little people who I owe more to,” she added, referring to her kids Yates, Yardley and Thatcher.Also Read: Megyn Kelly on Her Public Resurfacing: 'I've Chosen to Speak Up for Women Being Harassed and Abused'Kelly said she found the “messed up” and “biased” media “disheartening,” saying she felt that way “for a long time, not just since Trump.”Maher noted her very public ouster from NBC after her on-air comment about the appropriateness of blackface as part of Halloween costumes. He defended her, saying he didn’t think what she said was “that awful.”“I mean, you even apologized for something that I didn’t think was that awful,” he said. 
It’s like, why can’t you just say, ‘OK, I was a little inartful about how I expressed that. My bad. I’m sorry move on with our lives.’ Instead of, ‘No, you have to go away for all time.’ Wow well who are these perfect people who have never made any mistake?”Watch Kelly’s entire interview with Maher in the video at the top.Read original story Megyn Kelly’s Mom Wanted to Be in ‘Bombshell’ – and You’ll Never Guess Who She Wanted to Play Her (Video) At TheWrap

  • Drake Booed Off Stage, Stormy Daniels Raps ‘F— Donald Trump’ at Camp Flog Gnaw

    Tyler, The Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival is always entertaining — last year featured Kanye West and Kid Cudi performing inside a giant glass box. But it inadvertently outdid itself this year with surprise appearances from Drake — who was booed offstage by a crowd that was expecting Frank Ocean — and, of all people, […]