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  • ‘Silicon Valley’ to End With Season 6 on HBO

    The upcoming sixth season of "Silicon Valley" will be the HBO comedy's last, Variety has learned. The final season will be an abbreviated seven episode run, making it the shortest season of the show. "Silcon Valley" is currently in pre-production and is slated to debut later this year. It had been announced late last year that […]

  • T.J. Miller denies 'Silicon Valley' bullying accusations

    Last month, <em>Silicon Valley's</em> Alice Wetterlund — who played engineer Carla Walton — accused co-star T.J. Miller of being "a bully and petulant brat." Miller, who didn't have the most glowing review of his on-set conduct by those behind the HBO show, denied Wetterlund's claims on the <em>Jim Norton & Sam Roberts</em> show Wednesday. "I play an asshole on TV, but I'm not a bully in real life, ever," he told the radio show.  SEE ALSO: Disney won't change its mind on James Gunn and 'Guardians of the Galaxy': report When asked about his relationship with Wetterland, Miller admitted that he "felt like it was difficult to work with her because she kept interrupting Zach Woods." "I don't think that anyone was bullying her, but obviously there was a disconnect because she was saying these negative things about me and attacking the all-male cast of <em>Silicon Valley</em>. So by force I'm getting better and better at saying these are untrue things being told about me." Miller said what he perceived to be unfair treatment of him came after he left <em>Silicon Valley</em> and did <em>The Emoji Movie</em>. "I just thought that was a funny thing to do. But for some reason people translated that into arrogance, or being an asshole, or stupid," he said. Miller decried the media for being "just all clickbait, anger, mean-spirited stuff," and said that he gets good feedback from audiences after his comedy shows. "There is a disconnect of people with a lot people that either know my work or know me, you can kinda feel that I'm not a bully. I don't have the energy of someone who comes in and is like, 'hey, shut up OK, the men are talking," he said. In her original tweet, Wetterlund took aim at the "almost all male" <em>Silicon Valley</em> crew and cast for being "complicit in his unprofessionalism." Thank you! I hope to not ruin it for you, but TJ Miller was a bully and petulant brat and pretty much everyone who had any power on that (almost all male) set, including the male cast members, enabled him and were complicit in his unprofessionalism. They can fuck off forever. — Alice Wetterlund (@alicewetterlund) July 18, 2018 I’m pretty open about this, and I don’t know if other women on the show had a different experience than me, but it was kind of a nightmare. — Alice Wetterlund (@alicewetterlund) July 18, 2018 A HBO spokesperson told <em>The Hollywood Reporter</em> that it was the first time it heard Wetterlund comment on her experiences, and was "disappointed to learn of her concerns." "HBO and the producers have always taken very seriously our responsibility to create a welcoming and congenial environment for everyone who works on the show," the statement added. Miller couldn't talk about the allegations regarding him calling in a fake bomb threat on an Amtrak train back in April, but added that it's "a misunderstanding with the federal government, and that's that kind of the end of it." Miller has also been accused of sexually assaulting a woman when he was a student at George Washington University. He released a lengthy statement on Instagram denying the claims. WATCH: Chrissy Teigen made a transfixing Instagram story about a snail's journey to safety

  • TJ Miller Denies Former ‘Silicon Valley’ Co-Star Alice Wetterlund’s Bullying Claims

    Former “Silicon Valley” star TJ Miller is defending himself against claims from his co-star Alice Wetterlund that she was subjected to bullying on the set by him and the rest of the mostly male cast. Wetterlund, who played engineer Carla Walton for two seasons on the HBO series, last month described her experience on the set […]

  • Silicon Valley Alum Alice Wetterlund Lashes Out at Co-Stars Who Enabled T.J. Miller's Bullying: 'F—k Off Forever'

    In a series of tweets Tuesday, Alice Wetterlund, who played computer engineer Carla Walton during Seasons 2 and 3 of Silicon Valley, described her experience on the set of the HBO series as “kind of a nightmare.” And the reason? T.J. Miller, whose stint as Erlich Bachman ended with Season 4. He “was a bully […]

  • 10 of spring TV's returning favorites, from 'Deadliest Catch' to 'Westworld'

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  • 'Silicon Valley' Season 5 Gets Its First Teaser Trailer And A Release Date

    Yes, the fifth season of HBO’s Silicon Valley will be decidedly Erlich Bachman-less now that T.J. Miller has left the show. The reasons for Miller’s departure notwithstanding, the absence of the incubator’s main source of sustenance and drama doesn’t mean the gang at Pied Piper will not have any major hurdles to overcome. For starters, now that the company boasts a staff of 50 people, CEO Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) is going to have to get over his fear of public speaking.

  • Old accusation of sexual assault comes back to haunt 'Silicon Valley' actor T.J. Miller

    The Daily Beast reports that while at George Washington University in the early aughts, the “Silicon Valley” actor, 36, was accused of sexual assault.

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  • T.J. Miller Won’t Miss Playing Erlich Bachman on ‘Silicon Valley’

    T.J. Miller explains why he's leaving HBO's 'Silicon Valley,' and why he thinks the show will flourish without him.

  • 5 Things We’ll Miss From T.J. Miller on ‘Silicon Valley’

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  • ‘Veep,’ ‘Silicon Valley’ Renewed at HBO

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  • How ‘Silicon Valley’ Star Zach Woods Makes Each Character His Own

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  • That Time ‘Silicon Valley’ Star Zach Woods Visited Pee Pee Pants City

    On Sunday’s new episode of AMC's 'Talking with Chris Hardwick,' 'Silicon Valley' star Zach Woods dishes about his childhood adventures with karate lessons.

  • ‘Crashing’: Pete Holmes In A Standup Sitcom

    Pete Holmes has built his comedy career on being an awfully nice guy. Now Holmes has brought his image and his jokes to a sitcom, one he’s hatched with executive producer Judd Apatow, called "Crashing," which will premiere Sunday night on HBO. Holmes plays Pete, a New York comedian who’s trying to launch his career.

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  • ‘Atlanta’ Star Crashes ‘Silicon Valley’ Acceptance Speech at Critics’ Choice

    There was a Kanye-esque moment at the Critics’ Choice Awards when "Silicon Valley" won Best Comedy and Lakeith Stanfield got to the mic before Tom Lassally did.