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  • Bill Maher on why he doesn't get Emmy nominations like Trevor Noah and John Oliver: 'I tell the truth'

    Maher blames his lack of Emmy nominations in recent years on the “very woke” nominating body.

  • John Leguizamo says Latino support for President Trump, GOP is 'self-defeating and selfish'

    John Leguizamo told HBO's Bill Maher that Latinx support for President Trump was misguided.

  • Jane Fonda urges activism after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death: 'We have to be as tough as Mitch McConnell'

    Jane Fonda said on "Real Time with Bill Maher" that she was "reeling" from the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

  • Bill Maher Says White People Should Go Easy on Other White People ‘Whose Heart Is in The Right Place’ About BLM

    On Friday’s episode of “Real Time,” Bill Maher used the “New Rules” segment to mock white people for “culturally appropriating” the Black Lives Matter movement. But he also asked activists to go just a little bit easier on white people who might be trying to join the movement but still have some more learning to do to get caught up.‘New rule: black people have to demand that white people stop culturally appropriating how mad they are about racism. It’s great that Caucasians have finally joined the fight for racial justice in unprecedented numbers, but hating racism the most? You can’t steal that,” Maher began.Maher joked that “Elvis taking little Richard’s act, that was bad enough,” and then he mentioned Victor Sengbe, a Black Oakland resident who hung ropes around his local park to serve as exercise aids, but ended up being condemned as racist by Oakland’s mayor, Libby Schaaf, because they resembled nooses.Also Read: Bill Maher Imagines Future Headlines From His Summer Break: 'All Musicians on Earth Demand Trump Stop Playing Their Music'“She said, ‘These incidents will be investigated as a hate crime.’ Why is this white woman seeing racism where a black man isn’t? The mayor also said, ‘intentions don’t matter.’ But they do matter,” Maher said before transitioning to his main point. “And white people need to stop trying to cancel other white people whose heart is in the right place but don’t get it exactly right on the first try.”“A few weeks ago when everyone was posting a black square on Instagram, Buzzfeed wrote, ‘Influencers: It’s a privilege to post a black square and then go back to your usual content.’ As opposed to what, abandoning your life and just posting a black square every day?” Maher continued. “People got called out for not posting the square, then for just posting it without speaking out. And then for posting it and speaking out, but not voicing their support in the exact way that was said in the new decoder ring. They were helping wrong.”For one example, Maher listed Ellen DeGeneres, who was accused of being “Vague” and tone deaf — particularly since she recently defended her friendship with former president George W. Bush — after she tweeted “People of color in this country have faced injustice for far too long.”“Okay that may not be exactly ‘Black Lives Matter,’ but it’s also very true and pretty close to what we’re trying to get everyone to understand,” Maher said in her defense. “Liberalism should be about lifting people up, and you don’t do that by slapping down people who are trying to say, ‘I’m on your side.’ No wonder white people right now are acting like a nervous waiter on their first day. So scared of making a mistake they put a fork in your iced tea and a straw on your salad.”Also Read: Bill Maher Says Millennials Need to Save the Economy From Coronavirus - Even at Grandparents' Expense (Video)“We don’t wanna chant the wrong chant, or hold the wrong sign. Hey, please, it’s all we can do to clap on the right beat. You want to be a good ally but not too good or you’re being a ‘white savior.’ Use your voice but don’t make it about yourself. But speak up unless it’s your time to just listen, and then silence is violence,” he said. “Hey, even though sometimes silence just means someone works two jobs and has three kids. They have baby food on their shirt not hate in their heart.Maher then talked about sportscaster Grant Napear, who was fired by the Sacramento Kings after tweeting “ALL LIVES MATTER” when asked by Golden State Warriors player DeMarcus Cousins for his thoughts on Black Lives Matter. “All Lives Matter,” especially when expressed in all caps, is widely understood to indicate criticism of BLM.Maher has previously criticized “All Lives Matter,” saying in 2015 that it “implies that all lives are equally at risk, and they’re not.” But on Friday’s episode, he said he didn’t think that was the case with Napear. “What he said came from a place of ignorance not racism. That difference is important. Someone could have just explained to him why there’s a deservedly special reason we single out black lives for protection. But now, instead of a possible ally, we create a bitter unemployed person,” Maher said.Also Read: Bill Maher Asks When Republicans Will Use Their Safe Word to Stop 'Mistress Covfefe' Trump (Video)“Willow Smith, yes Willow Smith, said, ‘I’m seeing people shaming others… for what they are choosing to say or shaming people for not saying anything at all. I feel like if we really want change, shaming doesn’t lead to learning,” Maher continued. “She gets it. Surely people twice her age could make the effort. I worry that the kind of tension that the guardians of gotcha are creating is going to make people afraid to mingle at all and thrust us back towards a re-segregation of sorts. Where instead of just seeing a person and not a color, now we’re only seeing color.“Maybe this is old-school liberalism talking, but I don’t think that’s the way to go. Let’s hang out. And if I fuck up tell me why, not goodbye. It’s a gradual years-long process. Like Trump descending a ramp. But things are better when the races get together,” Maher concluded.Read original story Bill Maher Says White People Should Go Easy on Other White People ‘Whose Heart Is in The Right Place’ About BLM At TheWrap

  • Bill Maher: America Gets the ‘Abusive Part of Policing but Without the Law-and-Order Part’

    Bill Maher returned with a new episode of “Real Time” on HBO Friday night, and he largely dealt with the same topic that just about everyone in the country has focused on all week: the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, and the resulting nationwide protests against police violence.In the “New Rules” segment that ends the show, the comedian focused on how police forces around the country really need to police themselves. “I mean, forever we’ve been talking about bad cops, you know, bad apples. And then the vast majority of cops — good cops. But the real new rule is you can’t anymore get away with, ‘This is a bad cop, and any cops who aren’t actually committing the crime are good.’ The ones who watch and do crowd control for atrocities, they’re not good either,” Maher said. “That has to be the new standard. And it goes for all out-of-line behavior. If your partner is doing something horrendous, you can’t just watch and do nothing like the husband in a cuck video.Also Read: Seth Meyers: Republicans 'Want to Be Ruled by a Dictator so Badly' (Video)“There’s a meme that says, ‘Nobody hates bad cops worse than good cops.’ OK, if you hate them so much, turn them in. Because let’s be real. If there wasn’t video of that murder, how do you think those other cops would have described that encounter? It would be, ‘We found Mr. Floyd unresponsive so we administered CPR…’ blah blah blah lie lie lie. ‘If you see something, say something’ has to apply to police too. You can’t get away with crimes on account of being the people who are supposed to stop crimes. “Maher also found it interesting that cops allowed so much looting during the protests, considering how ever-present and confrontational they were with protesters.“And speaking of stopping crimes, we were a little slow to get to that in L.A. this week. I mean, sometimes I feel like we’re getting the worst of both worlds: the abusive part of policing but without the law-and-order part,” he quipped. “I’ve said many times in discussing the police, civilization is a mile wide and an inch deep. So when people say, ‘Cops are all that stands between civilization and chaos,’ absolutely, I agree. Cops are the badasses who deal with the dregs in an ugly business. But if cops want us to give them a little extra room to be tough because they’ve got a bad, dangerous job, then they got to do the bad, dangerous job. Which they have also done plenty of this week, to be fair. This is tough stuff now.”Then he noted the irony of regular people having to defend businesses because the cops didn’t help.Also Read: Seth Meyers Says Our 'Worst-Case Scenario' With Trump is Here: 'This Is a Horrifying Moment' (Video)“But it was frustrating watching it on TV last Sunday. Car 54, where were you? It looked like Black Friday, but without cash registers. I did see a guy in Santa Monica turning away looters but it wasn’t a cop. Just a guy invoking a citizen doorman,” Maher said, as a couple videos played showing regular folks having to defend business without a cop in sight — including one particular young woman.“One thing America does not lack for is police forces. Local cops, state, county, highway, sheriff’s department, federal marshalls, ATF, DEA, FBI, TSA, we got cops. But this lady had to step up,” he went on. “I try to understand as much as I can without being a cop. But it’s not like the jobs most people have, and it’s not. When a voice on the radio says, ‘Man with machete on 15th and Main,’ you have to go to 15th and Main. And I’m guessing cops rarely get called out to a redneck’s front porch because the guy wants to tell you how well the marriage is going.Also Read: Bill Maher Says Jeff Bezos and Amazon Are 'Anti-Capitalist': 'What Is Wrong With This Man?' (Video)After making the allowance that, sure, police officers have a tough job, he said the issue here is just as much that they’re letting all the wrong people become cops.“It’s a dangerous job, yeah, but I think we lose our battle with police misconduct when before a bad cop hits the streets because there’s not enough vetting about who becomes a cop in the first place. I swear to God, I think the root of the problem with bad cops isn’t always racism — it’s high school,” Maher said, echoing a common refrain seen on social media.“‘How much of high school did you spend inside a locker?’ should be question number one on the psych evaluation. I’ve known quite a few cops in my day, and others I’ve met for briefer encounters on the side of the road. And they are mostly not that guy. But that guy is who we have to weed out. Instead of LAPD making the psych eval the last step in joining the force, make it the first. So meatheads with a chip on their shoulder aren’t given the license to perform urban executions.“Tough guys have to do tough things. Right now it’s easy to spot the toughest police officers — they’re the ones telling their fellow cops, ‘You gotta stop this s—.’ A crack has been made in the blue wall of silence. Please, let it break down even further, altogether, or else we’re going to be in the streets again and again all the time. And in LA, that doesn’t work because, you know, we’re not really a walking town.”Read original story Bill Maher: America Gets the ‘Abusive Part of Policing but Without the Law-and-Order Part’ (Video) At TheWrap

  • Bill Maher Provides a List of Signs to Help White Women Know if They’re a ‘Karen’

    If you’ve been online over the last few months, you’ve no doubt seen a huge spike in a meme where the name Karen is used to mock a specific kind of racist white woman. But you might not be sure what actually qualifies someone to be a “Karen.” So on Friday’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher provided some helpful tips for white women who want to know if they fit the bill.The gag came during the show’s mid point, immediately after he had discussed the situation involving Amy Cooper, a white woman in New York who on Monday was caught on cell phone video making a false police report against Christian Cooper (no relation), a black man who asked her to put a leash on her dog.“People called this woman a ‘Karen.’ This is a new term but not a new concept,” Maher said. “We’ve had Clueless White Girl, and Becky I think is in this tradition. It’s a white woman of privilege, sometimes racist. It’s hard to define, so we thought we would, as a public service, for any middle-aged white women who wonder, ‘maybe I am a Karen,’ tell you some signs.”Also Read: Mark Zuckerberg Says Trump's Minneapolis Shooting Post Did Not Violate Facebook's PoliciesAnd so it is Maher unveiled those signs, which we’ll list below:“In high school, you were voted most likely to make a citizen’s arrest. Yeah, that would be one.”“You park in the handicap spot because of a gluten intolerance.”“You threatened to call immigration during a pedicure.”“When you’re at the baseball stadium and your team loses you demand to speak to the manager.”“When Samuel L Jackson says, ‘What’s in your wallet?’ you pepper spray the TV. That’s a definite sign.”“You go on a Facebook rant about how the Asian section in the supermarket keeps getting bigger.”“You repeatedly cancel Ubers until you get a driver with a ‘normal’ name.”“And when a friend says, ‘this is my fiancee,’ you say, ‘this is America, damn it, speak English!’.”Read original story Bill Maher Provides a List of Signs to Help White Women Know if They’re a ‘Karen’ At TheWrap

  • Bill Maher Says Jeff Bezos and Amazon Are ‘Anti-Capitalist': ‘What Is Wrong With This Man?’

    “Real Time With Bill Maher” was off last week, and Maher returned on Friday by taking a big swing at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. This rant, which came as part of the New Rules segment at the end of the show, was prompted by the news that Bezos is on pace to become the first-ever member of the trillionaire class.“New rule: you can’t have so much money that my computer’s spellcheck doesn’t know what to call you. Jeff Bezos is poised to be the world’s first trillionaire, the headline says. Even my phone was like, ‘That can’t be right,'” Maher quipped. (Sidenote: the spellcheck in my web browser also doesn’t think “trillionaire” is a word.)“We now live in an age not of innovation but of domination,” he continued. “Startups are in a 13-year slump and financing is down 22% from eight years ago because, in the online marketplace, Amazon has become the only game in town. And that was before an event happened that made everyone stay home and order everything online. Yeah, I mean, predictably, once the virus hit and America locked itself upstairs like a babysitter hiding from a slasher, sure, of course, the rest of the economy cratered. But Amazon’s stock price is up 25%. That’s what I call asymptomatic.”Also Read: Bill Maher Can't Believe Trump Takes Hydroxychloroquine but Never Tried WeedThen Maher got serious: “If we don’t do something, we’re gonna come out of our holes and discover that there’s only one store and it knows where you live.”Now there’s the question, what can be done about it? Maher’s got some ideas.“You might be surprised to learn that Elizabeth Warren had a plan to break up Amazon. And I say let’s go for it,” Maher said. “Like Sen. Warren, I’m a capitalist to my core, but when a company gets so big it smothers all competitors in the crib, that’s anti-capitalist. Like when Amazon destroyed the startup by cutting Amazon’s own diaper costs below cost. By one estimate, Bezos lost $100 million in his quest to corner the online diaper market. But he owns it now. Which raises the question: What is wrong with this man?Also Read: Bill Maher Mocks George Bush Nostalgia During the Pandemic: 'Bush Would Have F--ed This Up Too' (Video)“OK, you had one brilliant idea that when people get drunk at home they’ll go online and buy s— they don’t need. Great, congratulations, you won; you’re the best at making money. But one of the rules of the game of capitalism is you can win big, but not so big there’s no game.”Maher discussed a precedent: when the Supreme Court ruled that John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil violated the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1980 and the company was broken up into dozens of small, regional companies. But he also stressed that Amazon is worse because it sells so many different things.“When one supplier brings you everything, you’re not a customer. You’re a dependent,” he said. “And look, I use Amazon. Of course, everyone does. I’m not saying Amazon is pure unadulterated evil. That’s Wells Fargo. But Amazon does prey upon the Achilles heel of the American character: we will sell our soul for convenience.”Also Read: Bill Maher Jokes That Joe Biden Was 'Asked to Social Distance Even Before the Virus' (Video)He noted that many consumers don’t even consider Amazon’s environmental impact.“Liberals are supposed to be environmentalists. They must notice how wrong it is for us to do so much of our shopping in such a wasteful piggish manner,” Maher said. “Does anyone really need a grill cover to get to you overnight and in a separate box from something you ordered the day before from the same warehouse? When I was a kid getting a package was a rare event. Now kids think the UPS man is their dad. Why do socks need protective air cushion? I’m gonna shove my foot in it and stomp on it all day. They ship a disposable razor in a box the size of a coffin and enough plastic to choke a whale. Which it eventually does.“And I haven’t even mentioned that Amazon often pays no taxes, and bathroom breaks for their workers are so infrequent they have to pee into bottles… which are then resold as Kombucha.”Maher ended his rant with advice for viewers: “Maybe this is just the hunter-gatherer in me speaking, but someday I hope to leave the cave again and I’m gonna want to shop somewhere in person. So this weekend, be a hero and go out to an actual store and patronize some other business besides Amazon. And let’s see if we can’t get America back on its feet again. Because we’re looking pretty raggedy, and you know the old saying: if the shoe fits, you probably didn’t get it online.”Watch the full segment above.Read original story Bill Maher Says Jeff Bezos and Amazon Are ‘Anti-Capitalist': ‘What Is Wrong With This Man?’ (Video) At TheWrap

  • Bill Maher Mocks George Bush Nostalgia During the Pandemic: ‘Bush Would Have F—ed This Up Too’ (Video)

    Over the last three years, people have frequently compared Donald Trump unfavorably to the last Republican president to preside over a series of wholly preventable disasters — George W. Bush. Specifically, it’s common for people to say very nice things about the 43rd president and suggest he would have handled these disasters well., especially given how the response to the COVID-19 pandemic is going.But on “Real Time” Friday, Bill Maher wasn’t having it, and during the mid-show bit, he made it plain when he said he thinks the 43rd president would have been almost as bad as he thinks Trump is.The joke came at the end of a frequent Bill Maher routine, “I don’t know it for a fact, I just know it’s true,” something he hasn’t done in a while. Rather than belabor the point, we’ll just list them all for you below (or watch them in the clip above):Also Read: Bill Maher Rips Democrats for Caring About Tara Reade Accusations: 'Exactly What Republicans Want'“I don’t know it for a fact that quarantine self-haircuts are better than what you’d get at Fantastic Sams. I just know it’s true.I don’t know it for a fact that people are going to f–k their first Tinder match after quarantine, I just know it’s true.I don’t know it for a fact that employees at Sears have no idea there’s been a lockdown, I just know it’s true.I don’t know it for a fact that the Kardashians are deciding which sister to sacrifice to the virus to stay relevant [laughs] that’s very mean, I’m just kidding.I don’t know it for a fact that Dr. Birx cries in her car. I just know it’s true.I don’t know for a fact that Melania tells Trump, ‘Not tonight, I might be asymptiomatic (sic). Asymptiomatic? Something like that.I don’t know it for a fact that Lou Dobbs drinks his hot dog water. Not really related to the crisis, but sort of.I don’t know it for a fact that you’ve been through so many categories on Pornhub you’re thinking of clicking on the one where the chicks are giants! [laughs] I haven’t heard about that one.I don’t know it for a fact that somewhere a Jewish mother is complaining to her son, ‘You never call. You never Zoom.’ I just know that one’s true.I don’t know it for a fact that your wife thinks about Gavin Newsom during sex. It’s true.And I don’t know for a fact that Bush would have f—ed this up too. Not as bad. But he would’ve.”Also Read: Bill Maher Jokes That Joe Biden Was 'Asked to Social Distance Even Before the Virus' (Video)Earlier in the show, during the monologue, per usual Maher ran through a grab bag of topics drawn from the week’s news. For instance, Cinco de Mayo, “or as we call it here in Hollywood: Cultural Appropriation Day,” about which he said “Trump supporters, they love Cinco de Mayo. They celebrated this year by putting salt on the rim of their disinfectant.” A reference, of course, to the time Trump literally suggested people could fight coronavirus by injecting disinfectant into their lungs. (You can’t. Don’t do that.)“Of course if you really want to get high you gotta eat the worm at the bottom of the Windex bottle, that’s how you really. Look, I love that holiday, always have. Lived out here for a long time. I partied by myself. I did. I was in the kitchen. I made tacos and guacamole and margaritas,” Maher continued. “I wrecked the whole place. I was like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna leave this for the cleaning lady.’ Then I remembered: I’m the cleaning lady.”Maher also talked about the disturbing news about the possibility that Asian giant hornets have been established in North America. “Did you see this? — we’re getting an invasion of Asian murder hornets. That’s what they’re calling it in the press because they never try to scare people. Asian murder hornets. Trump said ‘Impossible, I banned their flights in January.'”Read original story Bill Maher Mocks George Bush Nostalgia During the Pandemic: ‘Bush Would Have F—ed This Up Too’ (Video) At TheWrap

  • Bill Maher Says Mike Pence Didn’t Wear a Mask at the Mayo Clinic Because He Wanted to Tell ‘Barefaced Lies’ (Video)

    In the latest monologue of the at-home edition of “Real Time,” Bill Maher talked about the recent disturbing or just weird current events amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and one thing he took particular issue with the way Mike Pence handled a trip to the Mayo Clinic this week.On Tuesday, Pence toured the Mayo Clinic to get a look at how it is dealing with coronavirus patients, but the vice president inexplicably did not wear a face mask, despite being surrounded by sick people. Face masks are of course mandatory at the clinic, but Pence claims no one told him of this fact. There are some problems with that account, however.First, the Mayo Clinic has since said that Pence was definitely told about the policy in advance. And second, at least one journalist who accompanied Pence has said they were all told about the policy and instructed to comply with it. Pence was apparently so unhappy with that disclosure, that the reporter was banned from Air Force Two for two weeks in retaliation, according to the Washington Post.Also Read: Voice of America Reporter Says He Was Banned From Air Force Two Over Report on Mike Pence's Maskless Mayo Clinic Visit“You know who else is not popular this week? Mike Pence. Not popular,” Maher said about that. “Went to the Mayo Clinic. Everyone was wearing a mask, of course, it was the Mayo Clinic, or everywhere. And he did not have a mask. Mike Pence said, ‘No it’s okay. I’ve been tested. And besides, they’re called barefaced lies.'” Zing!Maher also brought up how Trump has responded to the possibility that the supply of meat in the U.S. might be affected by coronavirus outbreaks at meat processing facilities. Trump issued an executive order requiring those facilities to remain open (even though the order doesn’t require worker safety to be taken into account).“Yeah, don’t don’t f— with lunch,” Maher said. “The War Powers Act, which is at his disposal — he could use it for you know masks, ventilators. He used it this week to make sure that the meatpacking plants were kept open. Because meat, now it’s personal. You step on Donald Trump’s meat hose and s— just got real.”Also Read: Mike Pence Wears Mask to General Motors After Public Shaming Over Mayo Clinic VisitMaher also talked about the thing everyone has been talking about for a week now — how Donald Trump literally suggested it might be possible for people to fight coronavirus by injecting disinfectant into the body. (As always, absolutely do not do this.)“Yes. This incomparably stupid man actually suggested — and he’s the president of the United States, I don’t know if you know that — actually suggested this week that people ingest cleaning disinfectants,” Maher complained. “And his voters started calling poison control centers to see if that was okay. Deplorable? They’re the unbleachables.”After briefly touching on Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of Joe Biden, Maher concluded by poking fun at the order to begin reopening Georgia, which began this week and will continue next week. “States are starting to open up for business again. Georgia leading the way. They have opened up the tattoo parlors and the beauty salons. In the south, what they call the ‘high-tech sector,'” Maher joked.“And it’s good to see that in Georgia things are becoming normal again. When I say ‘becoming normal,’ I mean being able to get a tattoo of Jesus wrestling a snake,” he continued. “Oh and bowling alleys in Georgia. If you’re in Georgia, bowling alleys are open, barbershops and tattoo parlors. Because what could be safer businesses than ones involving razors, needles and sticking your fingers in other people’s balls.”You can watch the whole monologue above.Read original story Bill Maher Says Mike Pence Didn’t Wear a Mask at the Mayo Clinic Because He Wanted to Tell ‘Barefaced Lies’ (Video) At TheWrap

  • Bill Maher Returns With Backyard Monologue, Vintage Laugh Track in 1st Coronavirus Quarantine Episode

    In the first new “Real Time” since the coronavirus shutdown began, Bill Maher spruced up the monologue he pre-taped from his house (because like you all, he’s self-quarantining) with a fake live audience — you know, so it’ll feel like a normal show.Since the shutdown began, late-night hosts have tried different ways of doing their shows from home while still capturing at least the feel of the normal version. Samantha Bee, for instance, taped from her woody backyard, which lets her stand the whole time as she does normally.Maher’s trick was to use canned laughter, provided via vintage film footage from the 1930s, while he delivered a monologue from his backyard.Also Read: All the Hollywood Films Arriving on Demand Early Because of the Coronavirus“We’re gonna be doing something a little different today, we’re gonna be taping the show from my backyard where I have a bar,” Maher, who was wearing a suit too, began. “What did you expect? It’s my house, I have a bar. What did you expect to see here, a child’s playpen?”Complaining about having to film using an iPhone, Maher joked, “I feel like an entree at the Cheesecake Factory. I mean, I want to go out but [Los Angeles Mayor] Gavin Newsom says I’m grounded. And I am grounded and I have the blue balls to prove it. But I’m telling you. I am practicing every safe directive they say I should. I make sure I use disinfectant on every surface that has at least 60% alcohol, like judge Jeanine Pirro.”“I stay six feet away from strangers,” Maher continued. “Eight from Charlie Sheen. I’d say this is not a bad idea, this staying six feet away from people. I say next we try it with cars.”Also Read: CNN's Brooke Baldwin Tests Positive for CoronavirusMaher complained that, at least for L.A. residents, “the worst part of this is seeing that the highways are completely empty, but there’s nowhere to go. I mean, some people are looking at porn at home. I’m looking at photos of the 405 with no cars.”After joking that “the highlight of my day was wiping down the mailman” and that his “stalker was working from home,” he noted that he’s not suffering from any coronavirus symptoms, “unless you count s—-ing my pants every time Trump talks.”“I’ll tell you I am starting to wonder if he’s really a doctor,” Maher joked, bringing up how Trump recently made a grossly inaccurate statement about the population of Seoul, South Korea — he claimed more than 38 million people live there — in a failed attempt to show up a reporter.“Okay, there’s ten million people in Seoul, South Korea. If Trump played ‘Celebrity Jeopardy,’ cancer would go bankrupt,” Maher said. “And then he does this thing every day where he’s bragging about his ratings. I have better ratings than ‘Monday Night Football,’ ‘The Bachelor’–‘ Yes, because your viewers aren’t allowed to leave the house! What else are they gonna do, read?”“Anything less than a hundred share means people hate you more than they love life,” Maher continued.“So look, we’re going to get through this, we are,” Maher said. “And stress, it’s the worst thing for your immune system, so try to think a little positive. Think about all the celebrities who have this, that we know have this, that are doing okay: Prince Charles. Tom Hanks. Jackson Browne Chris Cuomo Kevin Durant. Anybody who’s anybody is getting it.”“And you know Tom Tom Hanks, of course, was so classy when he got it. He said it’s an honor just to be contaminated. And in the movie, the person who cures Tom Hanks will be played by Tom Hanks,” Maher concluded.All of these jokes, of course, were punctuated with scenes of that audience laughing.Read original story Bill Maher Returns With Backyard Monologue, Vintage Laugh Track in 1st Coronavirus Quarantine Episode At TheWrap

  • Bill Maher Frets About Bernie Sanders’ Rallies And The Coronavirus: “He’s Touching People All Day Long”

    Bill Maher abolished handshakes on his show Friday, opting for a more sanitary Japanese bow as he greeted guests. They included a top epidemiologist he grilled about humanity’s odds at surviving the coronavirus, why it’s called COVID, if his dogs can catch it and whether Bernie Sanders should be pressing the flesh so much at […]

  • Megyn Kelly’s Mom Wanted to Be in ‘Bombshell’ – and You’ll Never Guess Who She Wanted to Play Her (Video)

    Megyn Kelly’s mother was rather excited when she learned that a movie (“Bombshell”) was being made that revolved around her famous daughter’s time at Fox News. So excited, in fact, that Mom had a recommendation about who could play her in the film.“There was an incident early on where my mom, who lives in upstate New York where I’m from, called me up and she said, ‘Why don’t you tell me they were making a movie about you?'” Kelly recalled on Friday’s “Real Time With Bill Maher.”“I’m like, ‘Ma I don’t know anything about it.’ She goes, ‘I want Stormy Daniels to play me,'” Kelly said laughing. “So I have no clout. She didn’t get a role. She was disappointed.”Also Read: Megyn Kelly Calls 'Bombshell' an 'Incredibly Emotional Experience'Later on, Mom went to the theater to see “Bombshell,” in which Charlize Theron earned an Oscar nomination in her role as, yes, Megyn Kelly.“And then she tells me, she goes, ‘When I stood up in the theater and told everyone I was your mother, they said very nice things about you,'” Kelly said, grinning. “I’m like, ‘Oh for the love of God.'”Kelly opened up to Maher about her exit from Fox News and how the state of the media weighed heavy on her.“I miss sort of being a voice of reason in the storm because there’s so much hysteria in the media for and against,” she said. “And when I left “The Kelly File,” I remember feeling like I might have a societal obligation to stay because I did owe it to my audience to separate the wheat from the chaff and I thought I did a good job of it. But I have three little people who I owe more to,” she added, referring to her kids Yates, Yardley and Thatcher.Also Read: Megyn Kelly on Her Public Resurfacing: 'I've Chosen to Speak Up for Women Being Harassed and Abused'Kelly said she found the “messed up” and “biased” media “disheartening,” saying she felt that way “for a long time, not just since Trump.”Maher noted her very public ouster from NBC after her on-air comment about the appropriateness of blackface as part of Halloween costumes. He defended her, saying he didn’t think what she said was “that awful.”“I mean, you even apologized for something that I didn’t think was that awful,” he said. 
It’s like, why can’t you just say, ‘OK, I was a little inartful about how I expressed that. My bad. I’m sorry move on with our lives.’ Instead of, ‘No, you have to go away for all time.’ Wow well who are these perfect people who have never made any mistake?”Watch Kelly’s entire interview with Maher in the video at the top.Read original story Megyn Kelly’s Mom Wanted to Be in ‘Bombshell’ – and You’ll Never Guess Who She Wanted to Play Her (Video) At TheWrap

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    Al Roker was upset to hear Bill Maher’s take on fat-shaming, because he recalls being bullied over his weight as a teen, he said Monday on "Today."

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  • Bill Maher, Olbermann, and ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda Bash Trump on Inauguration Night

    It was Bill Maher’s birthday, but no one gave him the gift of good jokes when he began his 15th season of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday night, just as the Trump inauguration balls were winding down. Sample Maher lines: “We have a new leader … Vladimir Putin!” “Today we inaugurated America’s last president!” “There’s no normal president inside the Trump fat-suit!” It was one groaner after the other. Having watched hours and hours of the inauguration and the curiously mirthless celebratory entertainment that followed it, I was up for some sharp, barbed humor, but Maher, showcased against a gleaming new set, was the same old obvious jokester.

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