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  • 'Big' at 30: Former child star David Moscow on being studied by Tom Hanks for role

    Thirty years later, David Moscow says he can see mannerisms Tom Hanks took from him for his Oscar-nominated "Big" role.

  • Young Unmustachioed Tom Selleck’s Soap Commercial Starring Penny Marshall

    On Thursday’s "The Late Show," Tom Selleck was visited by a blast from his past. It wasn’t his Ferrari from "Magnum P.I.," it was footage from a commercial that he shot for a soap company before he was famous.

  • 100 Women Directors Hollywood Should Be Hiring

    Enough with the studios like 20th Century Fox, Sony, Paramount, and the Weinstein Company, none of which put out even a single film this year that was directed by a woman. Enough with the executives who would rather hand a lucrative blockbuster to a man who’s never made a movie before (like Seth Grahame-Smith, the novice director recently picked by Warner Bros. to direct a big-budget adaptation of The Flash) than a woman who has.