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  • Chris Rock on his 'Superman' role that never happened: 'I was this close'

    In THR's Emmy Awards Roundtable, Chris Rock spills the beans on his Jimmy Olsen role opposite Nicolas Cage in the doomed "Superman Lives.."

  • Nicolas Cage describes acting opposite a pig — and reveals his favorite fast food

    Nicolas Cage shares stories about his animal co-star in the new drama "Pig" and reveals his favorite foods to eat and cook.

  • Court rules that 'Tiger King' star Joe Exotic be resentenced for murder-for-hire plot against Carole Baskin

    Joseph Maldonado-Passage will be resentenced, but he won't go free.

  • Nicolas Cage's Mom and Former Dancer Joy Vogelsang Dead at 85

    Joy Vogelsang died last month in May, her son Christopher revealed on his Facebook page

  • Joe Exotic gives health update after revealing prostate cancer scare, asking for Biden pardon: 'Wish me luck'

    "I don't want anyone's pity," the "Tiger King" star says as he awaits more tests.

  • Sundance Film Festival 2021: From 'Judas and the Black Messiah' to 'Street Gang,' here are the movies we're most looking forward to at this year's event

    Here's Yahoo Entertainment's picks for some of the movies we're most excited to see heading into this year's Sundance, including several titles that you can expect to see pop up in the Oscar race.

  • Nicolas Cage Hosts ‘History of Swear Words’ Series on Netflix

    Nicolas Cage will host "History of Swear Words," a proudly profane series about expletives for Netflix in January. The six-episode series will dive into the origins, pop culture usage, science and cultural impact of swear words, such as "fuck," "shit," "bitch," "dick," "pussy" and "damn." In each 20-minute episode, Cage will conduct interviews with historians, […]

  • Nicolas Cage to Play ‘Tiger King’s’ Joe Exotic in Scripted Series From ‘American Vandal’ Showrunner (EXCLUSIVE)

    Nicolas Cage is set to star in a scripted series centered on Joe Exotic, the subject of the Netflix docuseries "Tiger King," Variety has learned exclusively. The eight-episode series is being produced by Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios. It will be taken to market in the coming days. It is based on the […]

  • Independent Spirit Awards 2020: Aubrey Plaza’s Best Jokes

    Aubrey Plaza hosted the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday and, of course, her opening was full of jokes that poked fun at not only attendees but bigger issues plaguing the world.Plaza started her hosting gig with a skit that showed her in the dressing room, having a meltdown before the start of the awards show. Judy Garland (also played by Plaza) suddenly appeared, giving her advice in typical Garland fashion.“Scorsese is doing films for Netflix, Sandler is doing dramas!” Plaza’s Garland said, poking fun at the state of independent film.Also Read: Independent Spirit Awards 2020: Willem Dafoe Wins Best Supporting MaleThen, after a brief make-out session with Garland, Plaza went on stage to sing a rendition of Garland’s “Get Happy,” before she called out individual attendees like Jennifer Lopez, Adam Sandler, Idina Menzel and Renée Zellweger.Later, Plaza and Michael Shannon parodied “The Lighthouse,” which starred Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. In the skit, the duo played lighthouse keepers who just don’t get along, and when Plaza sees Shannon writing something in his log and asks him what he’s writing, Shannon tells her, “Nautical things.” She grabs the log and sees that he clearly didn’t like her opening monologue — and he especially didn’t like that she called out Shia LaBeouf and his career in her opening. Seagull and farting jokes were aplenty.See Plaza’s best jokes below.1\. Garland told Plaza before she went on stage: “Do something they’ll enjoy, not your spooky ‘Sabrina the Teenage B—-‘ thing!”2\. “What do we have to be happy about? Look at all the disasters we have to deal with: pollution, trash in the ocean, ‘Cats’ in theaters! Meow!”3\. “Some of you came from other neighborhoods in Los Angeles for this!”4\. “Willem Dafoe, I love you and I’m so glad that after years of looking like a 19th-century lighthouse keeper, you finally got to play one!”Also Read: Aubrey Plaza to Return as Host of 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards5\. “The guy who runs Netflix is here, Ted Sarandos! Sorry, Ted, but I am going to scroll right past you and find more interesting people to talk about. No offense, but you started it!”6\. “Jennifer Lopez is here. You just performed at the Super Bowl last weekend. What did you do, Mary Kay Place? You lazy sack of s—! Just kidding, you’re a national treasure. Nicolas Cage, you are a national treasure, too! Sorry, I said that wrong — you were in ‘National Treasure 2.'”7.  “I’m hosting the second most important show of the weekend. The Independent Spirit Awards are so much cooler than the Oscars: it’s the daytime when we’re at the beach, we recognize female directors — all two of them! I am so proud of how diverse this show is. JLo and I are super hot Puerto Ricans! I mention that because Puerto Rico is kind of like an independent film: beautiful, not enough people have seen it and its financing is always falling through.”8\. “Today isn’t about Scarlett Johansson being with men who don’t deserve her. It’s about independent film!”9\. “I won’t sing again. I might pole dance only to show JLo how it’s done.”10\. “Next, we celebrate the success of ‘Honeyland,’ by releasing 100,000 bees into the tent! NO!!!!”11\. “Our next presenter is Hollywood royalty and a legend in independent film — I wanna scream like an unhinged maniac but that’s more his thing — Nicolas Cage, everyone!”12\. “And here to present the Best Feature… ugh. It’s always weird to see your ex in public. The producer and star of ‘The Irishman,’ Robert De Niro!”Read original story Independent Spirit Awards 2020: Aubrey Plaza’s Best Jokes At TheWrap

  • Why a pointed Trump critique and Nic Cage doing handstands were cut from the actor's new horror movie 'Color Out of Space'

    Writer-director Richard Stanley explains why "so many of my favorite bits were taken out" at the behest of producers.

  • People are convinced this statue of baby Jesus looks like Phil Collins: 'It was all decided in Genesis'

    Singer Phil Collins is being celebrated with a statue at a church in Mexico. The only issue is that the subject of said statue is supposed to be baby Jesus.

  • Nicolas Cage to Play Nicolas Cage in Upcoming Meta Movie

    Nicolas Cage has played every role under the sun except himself, and that's about to change with reports of a wild new project.

  • Paramount to Reboot John Woo ’90s Action Hit ‘Face/Off’

    Paramount is developing a reboot of John Woo’s 1997 action hit “Face/Off,” which starred John Travolta and Nicolas Cage in a cat-and-mouse thriller that sees the two actors exchange roles.Oren Uziel is attached to write the script for the reboot with Neal Moritz producing. The pair previously worked together in the same roles on “22 Jump Street” and Paramount’s upcoming “Sonic the Hedgehog” adaptation, which hits theaters in February.“Face/Off” starred Travolta as Sean Archer, a federal agent bent on revenge after terrorist Castor Troy, played by Cage, killed his son. After another incident puts Troy in a coma, Archer agrees to a bizarre plan that involves using experimental surgery to give him Troy’s body, face and voice, and then going to a max security prison to convince Troy’s partners to reveal the location of a bomb.But while Archer is in prison, Troy breaks out of his coma and forces the surgeons to give him Archer’s face, effectively leading the two men to switch places. Archer must now break out of prison and expose what Troy has done, as Troy takes over Archer’s personal and professional life.Released to strong reviews, “Face/Off” was a success at the box office with $245 million grossed worldwide, or approximately $391 million in 2019 dollars. David Permut, who produced the original film, will return for the reboot as an executive producer.In addition to “Face/Off,” Uziel is currently attached to two in-development Warner Bros. blockbusters: a film adaptation of DC’s “Supergirl” and the sequel to “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.” He is repped by WME and Writ Large. The reboot was first reported by Deadline.Read original story Paramount to Reboot John Woo ’90s Action Hit ‘Face/Off’ At TheWrap

  • 22 years after 'Face/Off,' John Travolta still does killer Nicolas Cage impression

    During a "Tonight Show Travolt/Off," Travolta reprised his role from "Face/Off," which of course meant a great Nicolas Cage impression.

  • Nicolas Cage didn't want to make 'Peggy Sue Got Married': 'I must have said no 5 or 6 times'

    And, yes, he talked about Katheen Turner hating his "Jerry Lewis on psychedelia" performance.

  • Jussie Smollett, Justin Bieber, Sophie Turner, and more news you may have missed this week

    Things you need to know that happened this week:  ‘Clueless’ cast reunited after 24 years, and got nostalgic about Brittany Murphy. Jussie Smollett will not be prosecuted for allegedly falsely reporting a hate crime. Justin Bieber responded to a troll who claimed he married Hailey ‘to get back at’ Selena Gomez.  Sophie Turner of ‘Game of Thrones’ opened up about her orientation, that she’s experimented with women: ‘I love a soul, not a gender.’ Nicholas Cage filed for annulment after 4 days of marriage. To read more, click the links below.

  • Nicolas Cage Files for Annulment With New Bride After Surprise Marriage

    Nicolas Cage is calling it quits on his marriage just four days after tying the knot. According to court records obtained by The Blast, Cage filed Wednesday for an annulment with Erika Koike in Clark County, Nevada. There were stories that the actor had applied for a marriage license in Las Vegas last week, but […] The post Nicolas Cage Files for Annulment With New Bride After Surprise Marriage appeared first on The Blast.

  • Is Nicolas Cage Getting Married Again? Actor Applies for a Marriage License with Girlfriend

    Nicolas Cage Applies for Marriage License with Girlfriend