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  • ‘New Girl’ EPs Answer Pressing Questions About the Season Finale

    It looks like everyone got their happy ending on the season 6 finale of 'New Girl' - so is 'New Girl' ending? And if it’s not, where do we go from here?

  • Your TV To-Do List: Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan Is One Proud Papa on ‘The Son’

    With so much to watch on TV it can be difficult to plan ahead. But we’re here to help! Here are the five shows you won’t want to miss this week.

  • Awkward Love Triangle on ‘New Girl’ Finally Gets Broken Up

    On “New Girl,” Jess and Nick and Reagan came to a turning point, thanks to Cece.

  • Ridiculous Valentine’s Day Proposal on ‘New Girl’

    On "New Girl," Winston had been crafting an elaborate 21-point marriage proposal plan, but Aly’s casual proposal beat him to the punch and threw him for a loop.

  • How TV Shows Deal With Their Stars’ Real-Life Pregnancies

    Through TV history, starting with I Love Lucy in the ‘50s, shows have had to figure out how to address actresses’ real-life pregnancies on screen. Scandal had to answer this question a second time this season when star Kerry Washington announced she was expecting another child.

  • Reagan Helps Nick Overcome His Stage Fright on ‘New Girl’

    On "New Girl," Reagan was having a tough read on boyfriend Nick’s behavior, which included running and wearing clean hoodies, so she enlisted the help of Jess.

  • Megan Fox Moves In on ‘New Girl’

    Megan Fox returned to "New Girl" on Tuesday night, and this time she moved in to the apartment—which made things a little awkward for Jess.

  • Megan Fox Is a Christmas Surprise on ‘New Girl’

    Megan Fox returned to "New Girl" as the gang played Secret Santa and Jess made Nick’s Christmas wish come true by convincing Reagan to surprise him with a visit.

  • ‘New Girl’ Star Throws Subtle Shade at Donald Trump

    On Wednesday’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Max Greenfield threw some very low-key shade at President-elect Donald Trump. The New Girl star showed up wearing a soccer referee’s uniform saying he was in a situation that echoed that of Trump’s.  

  • ‘New Girl’ Thanksgiving First Look: Jess Needs More ‘Umph’ From Robby

    It’s Thanksgiving on "New Girl," with turkey and stuffing and all the sides — but no “umph.” In this first look at tonight’s episode, Jess (Zooey Deschanel) reflects on her failed attempt to date Robby (Nelson Franklin) as she prepares for the big feast.

  • Zooey Deschanel and Ellen Shame Airline for New Baby Policy

    Zooey Deschanel, New Girl star and mother of a 14-month-old girl, visited Ellen on Monday and talked about one of the many challenges of being the parent of a young child, a challenge that is supposed to come with at least one perk. The challenge, in this case, is traveling, and the perk she was expecting was that when flying, she and her baby would get to board the plane first. But apparently, that policy no longer flies at American Airlines, and host Ellen DeGeneres was set on shaming the airline.

  • ‘New Girl’ and ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Are Crossing Over, Awkwardly

    New Girl Brooklyn 99 Are Crossing Over, Awkwardly In a TV-time-honored attempt to goose the ratings of a couple of shows in need of a goosing, Fox has declared Tuesday night’s episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl a “crossover event.” The casts do indeed cross over, but the result barely qualifies as an event. The show shows are time-period neighbors, so Brooklyn Nine-Nine is up first, with a main plot that involves the precinct coping with exhaustion and sagging morale at pulling the night shift. Also, Andy Samberg does a lot of slapstick work as his Jake copes with a limp and a cane.

  • ‘New Girl’: Staunch Republican Schmidt Is Not Voting for Donald Trump

    Another high profile Republican is distancing himself from Donald Trump.

  • 5 Steps to Planning a Wedding Like ‘New Girl’

    On the season finale of "New Girl," Schmidt and Cece prepare for their wedding, but Schmidt gets stuck in transit. Here's how they pull the ceremony off.

  • Prince’s Cameo on ‘New Girl’ Was Almost Ruined by the Kardashians

    On Conan, Zooey Deschanel talked about the time she got Prince to guest-star on New Girl, the only scripted TV appearance Prince made before his untimely death.

  • 'The Grinder,' 'Grandfathered,' 'New Girl' Season Finales: Which One Is the Best?

    As 'New Girl,' 'Grandfathered,' and 'The Grinder' race toward their season finales, Yahoo's Ken Tucker takes a look at which shows turn in the best season closers.

  • 5 Great Prince TV Performances to Watch Right Now

    The Artist Frequently Known as Prince passed away today at age 57, leaving behind a rich legacy of incredible records, remarkable live concerts, and memorable awards show appearances that reduced A-list celebrities to screaming fans. Due to his notorious anti-Internet stance, many of his best on-camera performances are difficult to track down on YouTube or other video sharing sites. But a few jewels can still be found. Here are the five best Prince performances you can watch online right now:

  • 'New Girl' Renewed for Season 6

    The 'New Girl' gang just got another reason to celebrate at Schmidt and Cece’s impending nuptials: Fox on Tuesday announced that the comedy will return for a sixth season.

  • Happy National Poultry Day! 10 of Our Favorite Chickens on TV Right Now

    Never mind what Marty McFly says. In our opinion, it’s totally cool to be chicken. March 19 marks National Poultry Day, and we’re seizing the opportunity to celebrate some of our current favorite TV chickens. Not actual fowl, of course, although there are plenty of those to be found on the airwaves.

  • Max Greenfield’s Spot-On Impression of John Travolta From ‘People v. O.J.’

    On "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," Max Greenfield did his impression of Robert Shapiro as portrayed by John Travolta, practiced on the set of "New Girl."