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  • ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 3 Teaser Trailer: Time is Running Out for Rami Malek

    USA's hacking drama will return this October with 10 all new episodes.

  • Emmys: The Women of ‘Mr. Robot’ Revisit Season 2’s Most Memorable Moments

    Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin, and Grace Gummer revisit their most memorable scenes from Season 2 of 'Mr. Robot.'

  • Emmys: Watch the ‘Mr. Robot’ Cast’s Full For Your Consideration Panel

    'Mr. Robot' stars Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin, and Grace Gummer discuss Season 2.

  • ‘This Is Us’ Dad Ron Cephas Jones Talks His TV Takeover

    There's a reason Ron Cephas Jones makes our list of TV's Top 20 Character Actors Working Today. He takes us inside his Emmy-worthy portrayal of William on 'This Is Us.'

  • 44 Funko Pop! TV Figures We Need in 2017

    There’s a Funko Pop! figure for almost every pop culture character you can think of, and the list keeps getting longer. TV fans can be particularly passionate about their Funko collections (See: Our desperate quest for a Funko Joey from the Friends collection), and 2017 will bring them at least 37 more figures to obsess over, from shows as varied as The 100, Parks & Recreation, and Alias. Click through to see the Funko TV friends coming your way this year.

  • ‘Black Mirror,’ ‘Westworld,’ and 13 Other Genre Shows That Are Tackling Issues Well

    Leading up to the 20th anniversary of the March 10, 1997, premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Yahoo TV is celebrating “Why Genre Shows Matter” and the history of how these shows have tackled universal themes (such as how much high school sucks) and broader social issues. “Name a current show you think is tackling an issue well” — that’s another question we posed to more than 30 executive producers of current sci-fi/fantasy series who agreed to take part in our Why Genre Shows Matter survey over the last month, either by email or phone. I’m obsessed with Black Mirror.

  • ‘Mr. Robot’ Creator’s New Show Is Based On an Old Movie About a Robot

    Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail’s new miniseries will be based on the 1927 dystopian Fritz Lang epic Metropolis. But why reboot a 90-year-old German movie now?

  • Best of 2016: ‘Mr. Robot’ Production Designer on How the Show Became a ’90s Family Sitcom

    Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 2 of Mr. Robot. Fans of Mr. Robot have grown accustomed to viewing the world through the off-kilter gaze of emotionally troubled hacker Elliot Alderson, played by newly minted Emmy winner Rami Malek. Then in the sixth episode, he finds himself living the sitcom version of his life after enduring a vicious jailhouse beating.

  • Vote for 2016’s Most Shocking Moment

    Yes, yes, we’ve seen the movie, we knew Norma was going to die, but we didn’t know when, or how, or by whose hand, or that it would come with a full season of A&E’s fantastic Bates universe series still to unfold. For 11 minutes at the start of The Fall‘s Season 3 finale, we listen to Paul Spector, a confessed serial killer who’s been claiming amnesia about his crimes for the last five episodes, talk with Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson. When the interrogation is halted, Gibson gets up to leave and tracks her with a chilling stare.

  • ‘Mr. Robot’: Three things we learned from the tie-in book 'Red Wheelbarrow'

    Midway through Season 2 of “Mr. Robot,” we found out that Elliot hadn’t been where he said he had been. Now we know where he really was, and there’s a tie-in novel with a lot of details, due out Nov. 1.

  • Halloween Costumes for Your TV-Loving Squad

    Ready to roll with your squad on Halloween night — but need ideas for costumes? Look no further than your TV! TV shows offer plenty of interesting ideas for group costumes. Of course, you'll probably see plenty of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones squads on Halloween, so how about we help you dig a little deeper into the channels for your friends?

  • ‘Falling Water’: Dreams Drag Down Drama

    Have you ever asked someone how they slept the previous night, and that person says, “Oooh, I gotta tell you about this amazing dream I had!,” and proceeds to tell you intricate details about wandering down endless corridors, showing up naked in the supermarket, and boring you stiff? That’s a little bit what it’s like to watch "Falling Water," the new USA show premiering on Thursday.

  • 5 Things We Learned From the ‘Mr. Robot’ Finale

    The finale of Mr. Robot aired Wednesday. and the show known for leaving its viewers puzzled, answered a few very important questions.

  • Best Speeches From the 2016 Emmys

    The 68th Emmy Awards were Sunday night and television’s biggest stars came out to celebrate. It’s also a chance for the actors and actresses to claim their moment in the sun on national television, via an acceptance speech.

  • Emmys 2016 Red Carpet: What TV Character Would You Want as Your BFF?

    Reid Scott of Veep chose the leader of the Unsullied on Game of Thrones, Grey Worm, and Anna Chlumsky also chose a character from Game of Thrones to be her BFF.

  • The Emmys: Who Should Win

    The Emmys: Who Should Win Note the phrasing here: These are picks for who I think should win the Emmy awards that will be handed out on Sunday night. (I’ll do a Who Will Win predictive column on Thursday.) This year, it’s frequently going to come down to Old(er) Pro versus New Blood in many categories. Compare your “should”—who you think deserves to win, versus who will win based on everything you know about Emmy awards past—to my hopes and dreams.

  • ‘Mr. Robot’ Star Rami Malek Finally Takes First Instagram Pic

    On "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert," Stephen pointed out that Malek's Instagram account has almost 100,000 followers. But at that point, zero postings.

  • Emmys 2016: Cast Your Vote for New Blood!

    Look no further than the drama and drama actor categories, where Mr. Robot and its star, Rami Malek, have a chance to pull an upset over established shows such as Game of Thrones and veteran performers such as Kevin Spacey.

  • ‘Mr. Robot’ Renewed for Season 3 by USA Network

    USA Network has renewed its signature drama series Mr. Robot for a third season. The pickup was a fait accompli after the show secured an Emmy nomination for best drama series for its freshman year, when it emerged as a sleeper hit for USA. The show produced by Universal Cable Productions remains a modest performer from a ratings standpoint, with its most recent airing on Aug. 10 grabbing 572,000 total viewers in Nielsen’s live-plus-same-day ratings.

  • ‘Mr. Robot’ Gives Viewers ’80s/’90s Nostalgia Trip in a Totally Unexpected Way

    Mr. Robot aired one of its best episodes of Season 2, and it started in a way not too many could have expected. It was a lot like Full House, Family Matters, or Alf. In fact, it was so much like Alf that Alf himself was there.