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  • ‘Chicago Justice’ Is the New ‘Law & Order’

    Having seen his “Law & Order” franchise run its course until only special victims remain to be defended, producer Dick Wolf then turned his God-like gaze to the Windy City and created a second franchise, of Chicagos Fire, P.D., Med, and now, Chicago Justice. Chicago Justice is just Law & Order in a windbreaker.

  • ‘Chicago Justice’ Preview: It’s ‘Law & Order For Millennials’

    It’s not your father’s Law & Order, but it is kinda-sorta the Law & Order of Peter Stone’s father. Peter, as portrayed by The Player star Philip Winchester, is the Assistant State’s Attorney and central character in Chicago Justice, the fourth entry in uber-producer Dick Wolf’s Chicago-set drama franchise. The Justice world was introduced last season in the Chicago P.D. episode titled “Justice,” and that connection continues with tonight’s “Fake,” a Justice episode that will wrap up a full night of crossover storylines that starts with Chicago Fire (8 p.m.) and Chicago P.D. (9 p.m.).

  • ‘Homeland’ Star Elizabeth Marvel Talks Playing a Female POTUS

    The real-world election didn’t turn out the way so many thought it would, but this weekend in TV land, the United States gets a new, female president: House of Cards and Law & Order: SVU star Elizabeth Marvel joins Season 6 of Homeland as the newly elected POTUS, Elizabeth Keane. Marvel, who’s also an alum of Fargo, Person of Interest, Law & Order, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, talked to Yahoo TV about going from presidential contender on Cards to election winner on Homeland, about how viewers have already embraced her as the latest TV president, and how all those L & O series have been the “lifeblood” for New York actors.

  • Menendez Brothers to Get O.J. Treatment in Dick Wolf Anthology Series

    Like OJ Simpson before them, the Menendez Brothers are getting their own courtroom anthology series. NBC is pairing with Law & Order creator Dick Wolf for a project following a different true crime story each season. First up is the trial of Lyle and Erik Menendez, Beverly Hills brothers, who were sentenced to life without parole for the 1994 murder of their parents.

  • Fred Thompson, 'Law & Order's' Most Conservative, Folksy D.A., Has Died

    Fred Thompson, who played D.A. Arthur Branch on Law & Order, has died at age 73. With his honeyed baritone speaking voice and barrel-chested assertiveness, Thompson was frequently called upon to play authority figures. In the movies, he was a lawyer, an admiral, a President (including two real ones, Ulysses S.