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  • Naomi Watts Saves the New Netflix Drama, ‘Gypsy’

    A murky melodrama with stilted dialogue, Gypsy — a new 10-episode series that begins streaming on Netflix on Friday — turns out to be a lot more watchable than I thought after I plowed through its first, portentous episode. Much of the credit for Gypsy’s low-level allure must go to star Naomi Watts, who continues her current run of excellent TV performances. Created and written by Lisa Rubin, Gypsy is the story of Jean Holloway (Watts), a Connecticut psychotherapist married to a loving husband, played by Billy Crudup, and mother to a sweet 8-year-old child.

  • ‘Twin Peaks’ Part 3 and 4 Recap: Call For Help

    We look at the familiar faces and the callbacks — and share theories about what's really happening.

  • ‘Twin Peaks’ Review: ‘Is It Future Or Is It Past?’

    Beautiful and puzzling, funny and exciting, "Twin Peaks" marked its return with the first two of its 18-episode season airing on Showtime.

  • ‘Twin Peaks’: New Viral Campaign May Provide Clues to New Season

    Twin Peaks will soon return to television after 26 years off the air, and the producers have gone to some strange lengths to advertise its return. Signs depict the character Laura Palmer, whose murder was the central mystery of the original series. Although her body was found wrapped in plastic in the pilot’s first two minutes and her killer was revealed midway through Season 2, these posters seem to suggest that the Laura Palmer saga isn’t over yet.

  • David Lynch: Solving Laura Palmer’s Murder Killed ‘Twin Peaks’

    Back in 1990, the dreamy, psychological drama was a surprise hit for ABC, being one of the top-rated series of the year. Viewers intently watched each week trying to unravel the mystery of who killed Laura Palmer.

  • 'Dune': The Amazing Emoji Explainer by Kyle MacLachlan

    The movie was so beyond imagination that star Kyle MacLachlan (center) was pressed into action to explain it. Dune, be it presented via the voluminous, impenetrable prose of Frank Herbert or the equally inscrutable frames of David Lynch’s movie adaptation, can be tough to wrap your head around. With Herbert dying 30 years ago, however, Dune noob LifeofKeira decided her next best option was Kyle MacLachlan, the star of Lynch’s 1984 movie, and his emoji-happy Twitter account.