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  • Tomi Lahren ‘Banned Permanently’ From the Blaze for Pro-Choice Comments

    Since November 2015, Tomi Lahren has been pushing buttons on the Blaze, but that partnership is no more. According to the New York Post, she has been “banned permanently” from Glenn Beck’s conservative news network.

  • Trevor Noah Calls Out the Blaze for Suspension of Pro-Choice Conservative Tomi Lahren

    On The Daily Show Tuesday, Trevor Noah reacted to Tomi Lahren’s suspension from the conservative website the Blaze. Last week, Lahren appeared on ABC’s The View and shared her pro-choice view. She said, “I’m for limited government, so stay out of my guns, and you can stay out of my body as well.”

  • Update: Here’s Who’s Replacing Megyn Kelly

    Megyn Kelly announced her departure from Fox News on Monday night, saying on The Kelly File that she’s pleased to join “the journalists at NBC … who I greatly admire.” (Hey, how do Fox News fans feel about that ringing endorsement for the corporate home of Rachel Maddow and Matt Lauer — a place Fox spends so much time deriding?) And on Thursday morning, the channel announced her replacement: Tucker Carlson, the Prince of Preppiness, whose 7 p.m. ambush-o-rama, Tucker Carlson Tonight, has been an immediate attention-grabber since it started in November. Common consensus was that Fox was looking for an in-house woman to occupy Kelly’s spot in primetime.

  • Are Glenn Beck and Samantha Bee New BFFs?

    Samantha Bee gained an unlikely ally on Monday’s "Full Frontal," as she sat down with conservative host Glenn Beck.

  • How Bill O’Reilly and Trevor Noah Turned Tomi Lahren Into a Mainstream TV Star

    Two unlikely allies — The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah and Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly — have unwittingly conspired, over the space of a week, to turn fringe right-wing commentator Tomi Lahren into a mainstream media star. Lahren, if you don’t already know, is the 24-year-old host of Tomi on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze network. Which brings us to Trevor Noah.